SEO Content Agency: Move to the Top of Google Rankings

You dream of a top position in the Google ranking, more visitors on your website and permanently more turnover in your business?

A SEO content agency can bring you a decisive turnaround. In this article, we will explain to you how exactly this is possible. After reading it, you’ll know what a copywriting agency actually is, what it should be able to do, and how our SEO experts and copywriters at Blogtec work to get you to the top of search engine results with the best possible content.

What Is a SEO Content Agency?

Content agencies take on the preparation, the writing as well as the editing of various forms of content on behalf of customers. This includes, among other things, blog posts, landing pages or social media content.

The service portfolio of a good content agency basically consists of two main areas that are directly linked to each other: Content and SEO. At Blogtec, we additionally offer Technical SEO services.

Content Agency Writing

Services of a SEO Content Agency [Explained]

From a professional SEO firm, you get in the best case: Really good articles that inform, entertain, convince and at the end of the day bring you satisfied and paying customers.

In order for this to happen, the work already begins a few steps before the pure writing. We explain our most important services, as your SEO Partner, in more detail:

SEO Keyword Research

Keywords are search terms that people use to navigate through the internet. In order for search engines like Google to list your content in the search results, it is necessary to find out the most searched keywords that are related to your niche and are also entered by the group of people you have in mind as your customers.

The collection and selection of these keywords takes place during the so-called keyword research. Using professional research tools, we filter for topics that fit you and your business and at the same time have a relatively high search volume.

Content Planning

Let’s assume you don’t just need one-time help in creating an SEO landing page, but are interested in uploading new content regularly from now on. This could take the form of a weekly business blog, for example. Here, a SEO content plan helps to provide you with new content on a regular basis.

Within a content plan, various topics are collected that not only fit your business, but for which there is also a search volume. A good content agency is characterized by the fact that it checks this plan with you. Do you perhaps have your own ideas for articles that should be integrated into the plan? A professional SEO manager will find keywords that match your ideas, and together you will agree on the optimal plan.

Writing SEO Content

Through marketing and advertising, you buy the attention of your customers. With SEO content, you gain their trust.

Besides the placement of keywords, SEO articles are characterized mainly by the fact that they fully answer the individual search query. We can help you to get articles for your blog that match what your target group is looking for. This is important because, if a piece of text does not provide any real added value, it disappears into the vastness of the Internet.

SEO content is therefore more than just pure advertising. Each of your assignments is individually tailored to your target group, their main interests and their tone of voice. The result: more traffic, more real prospects, and ultimately more sales.

Increase Authority With Link Building

Contacts also play a critical role in online marketing. Having many contacts brings you trust, this applies for example to social media followers, but also to links that lead to your website.

With backlinks, links that are set to you from other sites, your website gains credibility. The more sites from your niche link to you, the more trust Google gains in the quality of your content.

Link building is therefore essential to increase the authority of your website. At Blogtec, we maintain partnerships with strong websites from a wide variety of niches. We write guest posts for our clients, which are then published on the partner sites and link to our client’s sites.

Optimize Existing Content

Getting more organic reach doesn’t always require a complete rebuild of your site. If you already have a range of content online, but traffic isn’t as high as it could be, then SEO content optimization can provide the boost you need.

In this approach, your already published articles serve as a basis. Within an analysis, it is determined which keywords have not yet been incorporated into the content and which user questions need to be answered in order to fully meet the search intent.

At Blogtec, our editors take over the revision and optimization of existing content. After the content maintenance, your content will be up-to-date again and compete for the first places in Google ranking once more.

SEO Translations

If you offer your products or services internationally, you also need multilingual landing pages. A pure translation does not always make sense because internet users in different countries sometimes search for entirely different terms or the search volume behaves differently.

Content agencies therefore have experienced translators who can provide you with SEO translations that are specifically localized for certain countries. This way, you take full advantage of the potential to generate website traffic in all your target countries.

Get expert advice on how we can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads.

Technical SEO: Laying the Foundation

If you’re still not getting the traffic you want on your website despite high-quality, optimized content, it may be because your website is either not discoverable by Google at all or the search engine doesn’t fully understand your page structure. The consequence is that Google therefore limits the visibility of your website for Internet users.

This has technical reasons and is often due to incorrect or missing indexing. In such a case, a content agency has specially trained people who can technically optimize your website so that your content can be correctly indexed by Google afterwards.

The following services are part of every professional Technical SEO. We at Blogtec offer you these services as a complete package or as an individual services.

Site Audit

During a site audit, SEO content agencies check the background of your website with professional analysis tools. This includes the structure of your site as well as the structure of your sitemap. The collected data provides reliable insights into your current SEO performance and shows which improvements you can make to attract more visitors to your website.

Optimize Meta Descriptions

Your meta text, which appears in the search results, should immediately arouse the interest of your users. Because this decides in seconds whether he will click or not. The mini-text has it all: not only the content, but also the length, special characters or call-to-action often influence its performance to a considerable extent.

A content agency knows the tricks, can create suitable meta descriptions for you and thereby increase your click-through rate noticeably.

Blogtec: Who We Are

We are a young team of enthusiastic strategists, creative minds and passionate writers. We like it uncomplicated and therefore work completely remotely from many different continents. We draw pride from being on the cutting edge of online marketing and being able to examine trends directly for their value and benefit.

With great passion and our will to make a difference, we have already managed many international campaigns and delighted customers. Would you like to see some case studies?

What Distinguishes Blogtec From Other Content Agencies?

In our opinion, professional content and online marketing belong together. However, the prices of many content agencies are often too high, especially for start-ups. In addition, their consultation usually means having to commit to them for the long term. Find out here more about the best Textbroker alternatives.

With our SEO & Content subscriptions, we have therefore created a unique and fair pricing system that allows companies with limited budgets to take advantage of our services. This means that you only pay once for what you really need, completely without a contract.

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