An Introduction to How We at BlogTec Create Good Content!

To help you understand, we’ve taken the trouble to outline our internal process for you in this blog posts!

1. Side Audit – Background Check of Your Site

Everything starts with a routine background check of your site. Partial aspects of this analysis are for example:

  • Optimization of the SEO title & meta descriptions
  • Checking previous visitor numbers
  • Adding alt texts
  • Optimization of the URL structure
  • Repairing broken links

At the end of this check, we can ensure that our SEO work is based on a good foundation. For more details about our technical SEO procedures, we will be happy to explain them to you personally.

2. Who Are You? – Getting to Know You Is Important!

To get to know you and your company even better, we will ask you a few selected questions before we start working together. Here are a few examples:

  • What values and beliefs define your brand?
  • What makes your company unique in the marketplace?
  • What do you want your company to be known for in the marketplace?
  • Who are your main competitors?

A thorough understanding of your products, customers and company philosophy, is important in order to find the optimal search terms for which we will later write the articles.

3. Keyword Analysis – Finding the Right Search Terms

Once our background check is complete and we get to know you better, the content planning begins.

What keywords do your potential customers type into Google? For which keywords do your competitors rank?

Using innovative SEO tools and analysis of your competitors, we determine a set of possible keywords for you. In the final selection, we make sure to choose keywords that have a high search volume and at the same time a relatively low competition. This way we make sure that even smaller sites can compete directly for the first places on Google!

Before we go any further, we will send you our complete keyword list. You will then have the opportunity to suggest changes and also add your own article topics.

4. Meeting the Search Intent

Now, it gets exciting. It’s time to plan and implement a new article in practice.

We start with competitor analysis of the selected keyword. For this, we look directly into the search results and compare the top results.

What kind of content do the best pages create? What kind of on-page strategy do our competitors follow?

In this way, we learn what the form and content of our article should look like. In order to meet the intent of the searcher, it is important to gather all relevant questions about a topic and unify them in the briefing.

5. The Briefing – Charting the Course

Our content managers now have an idea of how the article should be structured, which relevant keywords should be used and what the wording should look like. All this information is collected in a briefing and passed on to the writer.

Our writers are always assigned to a specific project and write all of the articles for that client. At BlogTec, we maintain an open company culture. Many of our writers have been with us for a long time.

SEO training is part of our daily business. We share new happenings in the SEO world in virtual conference rooms and discuss their impact on our processes.

6. The Writing Process – Setting Sails

The writer receives the brief. Structure and content have already been determined. The task now is to meet the requirements of the SEO analysis.

For further support, we have started to incorporate SurferSEO into our briefings. The tool compares the content to well-optimized content and makes suggestions for keywords, headlines and topics during the writing process. This way, in addition to the briefing, the writer always has the opportunity to check their text for sense and SEO relevance.

If you want to know more about the details with which to optimize articles for search engines, we have summarized 12 ways to increase website content here.

7. The Review – Polishing and Grinding

Once the article is written, the text goes back to the content manager. The content manager compares the written text with the requirements of the briefing and makes any necessary changes.

And voilà – the text is now ready.

Now we send the whole thing to you or, if required, upload the article to your website ourselves.

An important part of the review is the feedback to the writer. Since our writers are assigned to specific projects, we like to see them become experts in their field over time. Detailed feedback is part of the process after each article.

Conclusion: Better Search Engine Ranking With Blogtec

Each article we create is optimized for a specific focus keyword and aims to bring visitors to your website.

Over several months we create a network of articles. In the eyes of Google, over time, your site becomes an authority on a particular topic. Google strengthens your visibility and the results of your search engine rankings improve.

If you are interested, you are welcome to start a free consultation with us.

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