What is SEO? An Interview with BlogTec CEO Manuel Brandt

Manuel Brandt Interview

Search engine optimization is an often discussed topic and not easy to understand for managers and business owners that want to improve their websites’ traffic. That’s why we collected questions from our social media audience and asked the BlogTec CEO Manuel Brandt to answer them.

BlogTec is an agency for SEO & SEO content that creates content for clients such as TransferWise, Chip or FOCUS, but meanwhile also focuses on complete SEO packages for small and mid-sized businesses.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization describes strategies to improve the amount of organic traffic coming to a website. The goal is to show up on top of Google search results for relevant search terms. If a company sells leather jackets the best case would be that they show up as the first result on Google if someone searches “leather jacket”. The goal of SEO is to reach this.

Why is SEO important?

To have a website for a service or product that a company sells is great, but it’s useless if nobody is visiting that website. The goal of every website is to have as much traffic as possible and to have traffic of a relevant audience.

Almost every company these days is actively optimizing its website for search engines. It’s important to do SEO just to keep up with competitors. For sure this depends on the niche, but meanwhile SEO arrived in almost every niche.

How can you influence the Google rankings of a website?

Google has the goal to provide its users with the most relevant results. The search engine wants to understand the search intent of a user and provide him with what he’s looking for. To influence the rankings of a website you need to provide users with what they’re looking for and make sure that they have a good user experience on your website.

That means first you need to make sure that your website is technically alright. For this you can make a site audit and then fix the technical website issues. Next you have to find out what your potential customers are looking for. This can be done by researching search terms/keywords and finding topics with a high search volume and low competition. Then you have to create content in form of product pages, category pages, landing pages or blog articles that provide the user with what he’s looking for.

This sounds a bit easier as it is, but it’s basically what SEO is all about: Creating a high-quality website and providing users with what they’re looking for.

How can you hack search engines like Google?

Many managers and companies are looking for “Growth Hackers” that help them with boosting their website in a few weeks with some small technical adjustments or quick link building, but this is not how SEO works.

As I said SEO is basically about improving the quality of a website and providing users with what they’re looking for – it’s all about creating value. This is obviously not done with a few technical changes.

You need to optimize all technical parts of your website, research what your potential customers are looking for and then upload more and content to your website that brings value to Google’s users.

Why does SEO take time until you see effects?

SEO takes time because making a website more valuable and high-quality requires time and effort. You can’t just publish two articles and expect that your website is way more valuable now. It’s a process of improving your website from week to week.

How long does it take until you can see results?

We recommend our clients to book at least 3 months of our SEO packages to see results. You can expect an increase of ranking keywords 1 month after you start to upload more content to your website and about 2-4 months until these articles rank better and generate more and more traffic.

Is there a SEO strategy that always works?

SEO is not as complicated as it may seem. You basically just want to improve the quality of a website. If you do that, your traffic should increase. Still, for some niches and businesses it’s not that easy and it’s hard to reach the right audience via Google.

It can be that the competition is too hard, that competitors are in the game much longer and Google prefers them because of that or that your target audience is simply not looking for your products or services on Google.

SEO is an investment and an investment always has a risk. We can proudly say that around 90% of our customers are happy with their results. Still, there are 10% that don’t increase their traffic a lot. This can either be because of their niche, market or audience or because they need to invest more to keep up with their competitors.

We try to estimate if SEO actually makes sense for our customers before we start with it. A competitor analysis can be helpful here, as it analyses the potential of your niche and how strong your competitors are when it comes to SEO rankings and organic traffic.

What should I start with when it comes to SEO?

Before doing any optimization of the existing website content, adding new content or doing off-page optimization, it’s important to make sure that your website is in a good technical condition.

If you want to start with SEO, first make a site audit and fix all technical SEO issues. Afterwards you can move forward with uploading or optimizing content.

You can find more information on our service page about on-page-optimization.

Why is SEO content important (instead of normal content)?

Many companies make the mistake to simply create content they find interesting. In a team they collect interesting topics and based on that they decide which content they create.

The problem is that you can only guess what content your potential customers might be interested in. However, with the help of data you can find out what topics users are looking for and if content for a specific topic is actually worth creating it.

With the help of keyword research we can say how many people are looking for a specific topic and how hard its competition is. With this procedure you can save lots of time and money.

What is the actual difference between content and SEO content?

SEO content is based on previous researched keywords, while normal content is not. The challenge is not only to find good keywords but to place them in a for search engines optimized way. It’s important to place the keywords in the right density and at the right places of the text.

How much does SEO cost?

This is a question every SEO agency hears a lot and it is hard to answer. The costs of SEO can be super different from a few hundred to hundred thousands of dollars.

We offer monthly SEO packages starting from 450 EUR/month. These packages include technical SEO and SEO content and should be booked for at least three months to see results. This is the minimum budget that a company should invest.

However, this budget makes sense for companies in small markets. If the market is big, more content, additional technical optimization and off-page SEO is needed. Especially off-page SEO in the German-speaking market is expensive and a four digit budget is the minimum here.

We will advise you which SEO package makes the most sense for you and what results you can expect from that in a free call.

For more questions you can send a mail to Manuel Brandt at manuel@blogtec.io 🚀

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