11 Sustainable Marketing Ideas for E-commerce in 2022

The e-commerce market is booming. So is the home office. No wonder, more and more people have the courage to start their own web business. Then, when it comes to creating a marketing plan, many ask themselves: Which advertising strategy will work best for me now and in the future?

With this article, we want to take a look at this year 2022 and present you with modern marketing strategies. We deliberately disregard pure social media trends. We want to give you down-to-earth marketing ideas that are sustainable and will still work in the future. Be curious!

Why Do I Need to Promote My E-commerce at All?

Just launch a website, go on Facebook or Instagram in parallel and hope that the visitors will come by themselves? That would be too nice, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Unless you’re in a very small niche area, the choice of stores for Internet users is immense.

What users do sounds understandable: They trust Google’s selection. They visit the first page of the search results and nothing more. Your task is therefore obvious: You must be able to be found on Google in order to be seen at all and to be able to build up a customer base.

So to promote your new website, you need to achieve better visibility on the Internet and especially on Google. We will now explain to you exactly how to go about this.

What Are the Basic Strategies I Can Use to Promote My Website?

Roughly speaking, there are two ways to be found on Google.

1. Online Ads

Online ads get you a top ranking on Google overnight and fast traffic. But the big problem is that the success is usually not permanent. Because among your visitors will be many people who were lured by the ad, but neither belong to the target group nor to potential new customers. But you also pay for their clicks. Besides, you only have the attention as long as your ad is online.

2. Organic Search Engine Marketing

Organic search results are those that are not paid advertisements. Here too, whoever is at the top wins. To get there within organic search, you need stamina because it doesn’t happen overnight.

BUT: if you have the courage to try, you will get the search engine ranking you have been dreaming of without any ongoing costs. Especially for small businesses, marketing ideas with this strategy offer the best conditions to grow.

Give Us the Tips! 11 Sustainable Marketing Ideas for Your E-commerce

Our solution for e-commerce is: content marketing! Boring? Not at all! Content marketing offers an incredibly wide range of possibilities that many companies often don’t even take full advantage of.

1. Become a Business Blogger

Have you ever thought about having your own blog on your website? A business blog, where you write about topics that are interesting for your customers, offers several advantages.

  • Your customer gets an insight into your business. This creates trust in your company, your products and also your competencies.
  • The resulting voluntary customer loyalty puts you at the top of the supplier list when it comes to making a purchase decision. After all, the customer now knows where he will buy. You give them a good feeling that they are making the right decision.
  • If you include search-optimized keywords in your blog posts, you draw Google’s attention to your website and show its relevance to its users. This brings you closer to your dream of a top ranking position.
  • With internal links in your posts, you help users find their way around your site quickly. If they get where they want to go without detours, they will stay longer on your site.
Marketing Ideas Create Blog

2. Publish Guest Posts

Show yourself and your company by publishing guest articles. Many companies are happy about additional articles. You can do this not only if you have been in the industry for a long time. Especially, articles from fresh start-ups shake up old views and provide new ways of thinking and ideas. Interesting guest articles are also often shared.

The whole thing also has another advantage. By finding partner sites that publish your content,  you are gaining backlinks that strengthen the authority of your site. The more guest posts you write and the more sites link to you, the higher Google’s trust in your site and the better you are ranking for keywords in your niche.

3. Stand Out From the Competition With Sales Landing Pages

Create SEO landing pages for each of your services or products. You can be a bit brave and creative when creating your sales pages. In addition to a structured product description, you should create a direct link between the customer and the product. You might even succeed in creating a feeling of togetherness among users.

How Storytelling Works In Sales

Put yourself in the mind of your customer and ask yourself these questions:

  • What attitude toward life does the product convey?
  • What is the story behind the product?
  • How does it feel to wear/own the product?
  • What is the ideal solution for?
  • How and where exactly can the customer use it?
  • What problems can the customer solve by buying the product?

Optimize Your Landing Paged for Keywords

For all your creativity, don’t forget to do SEO keyword research beforehand. Only the right keywords will help you to get purchase decision makers within your target group on your website. Use professional tools like Google’s free Keyword Planner or paid programs like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to find keywords that have a high search volume in your niche.

4. Create an Opt-in Landing Page

In addition to the pure sales page, a so-called “opt-in” landing page is excellent for offering exciting added value and learning more about your customer at the same time. In niche marketing, you create a precise contact point for potential customers. Among other things, you can offer a webinar or an e-book. The win-win situation works best if you provide content for free after registration. Even if the visitor doesn’t chew right away, at least you get his or her email address and can get back in touch with them  later.

5. Customer Reviews: Free Advertising for Your E-commerce

Product descriptions all well and good, but does the product actually deliver what it promises? Is it worth its price? These and similar questions are probably asked by every customer before making a purchase. What is worth its weight in gold, here are reviews. Voices from real customers are both effective and sustainable.

Other users act like friends at eye level who can be trusted. To encourage your customers to write reviews, goodies such as small gifts or discounts for the next purchase help. You can connect photos of satisfied users with the product to Facebook or Instagram, of course only with their explicit consent. Customer testimonials from sites like Trustpilot can always be used. Especially on your homepage, you should allow new visitors to view reviews from past users.

6. Video Content as an Open Secret in E-commerce

How do I generate more traffic? Sometimes the answer to this question is quite simple. Focus on publishing and sharing quality content on your site, and trust that prospects will see your value. You should never neglect search engine optimization and online ads, but the quality of your content should always come first.

In this context, videos are always a good choice. Currently and for sure in the future. So much can be done with this form of advertising. Do you have a product that needs explaining? Then a how-to video is perfect.

Become an Expert in Social Networks With Videos

Furthermore, videos are also great to use in social media. It gives you expert status. And who doesn’t like to buy from someone who really knows his stuff? Especially on business portals like LinkedIn, they get professional kudos and are readily shared.

7. Increase the Visibility of Your E-commerce With Podcasts

Podcasts have become an absolute trend in recent years. And they have great sustainability value. With them, you can even reach niche target groups without much wasted coverage.

Make yourself your customer’s favorite jogging buddy with podcasts.

The fact that podcasts are often listened to on the go and during “favorite activities” such as jogging means that you have the full attention of your customers. Subscribers also indirectly form a kind of “buddy relationship” with the host. This makes your business human and approachable.

8. Enter the Famous World of Social Media

Social media channels give you the opportunity to interact directly with your customers and turn them into your fans and followers. Here, once again, you have the opportunity to put a face to your business. No one likes to buy from a “soulless corporation” anymore. Make sure they fit your target audience and keep them updated.

Find the Right Social Media Channel for You

You certainly don’t have to follow every social media trend. But at least Facebook is a must for every online store owner these days. Instagram is great for businesses that are good at evoking emotion and telling a story with photos of their products. LinkedIn and XING are recommended above all for a B2B marketing strategy.

Which social media channel is the best way to reach my target group? Find out more in our blog article “Winning customers online: Which channels are worthwhile?

9. Advertising Your Online Store With Newsletters 2.0

Newsletters are certainly nothing new. However, they represent one of the few timeless marketing ideas to build a relationship with new as well as regular customers. Since emails are the basis of communication for almost every online order, this is a sure way to build a trusting and long-lasting relationship with your users. However, it is important to use this form of advertising properly as a marketing strategy for e-commerce:

  • In addition to flawless compliance with applicable data protection guidelines, customers must not be spammed several times a week. Once a week should be the maximum.
  • For example, you can write news about newly arrived items, information about discount promotions or competitions. It is important to always write at the customer’s eye level and to address each customer directly.
  • Links offer the customer the opportunity to go directly to the landing page or the product in question without any detours.
  • Images, photos and videos add pizzazz to the whole thing.

10. SEO Content Optimization as a Sure Way in E-commerce Marketing

And last but not least, another sustainable way to increase the visibility of your own brand – SEO content optimization. Here, existing content is provided with missing keywords and adapted to the current search intent. Often, not much is missing to pull up the ranking of an old blog article or landing page. In any case, Google appreciates it when you revise your content and rewards you with higher search engine rankings.

SEO Does Not Have to Be Expensive

When we implement such a content revision for our clients, we ourselves are sometimes amazed at the increase in visitors that this strategy can actually trigger for some businesses. And it shows that good SEO doesn’t have to be expensive, and even small businesses with limited budgets can achieve better rankings as a result.


It’s not easy for e-commerce newcomers to pick the best marketing strategy. There is no one perfect method. Rather, a combination is recommended.

If you want to be on the safe side and choose a strategy that has added value, you should primarily look at organic search engine optimization in addition to initial online ads and social media. Content marketing in particular offers a world of sustainable marketing ideas that are second to none.

11. Tip: Take Off With BlogTec in 2022

Want to take the e-commerce world by storm this year? We’d be happy to lend you a hand.

We offer you the full program, from professional content planning to writing blog articles, guest posts and finding relevant partner sites in your niche. You only need us for one specific thing? No problem either. Let’s have an initial conversation and find out how we can most usefully support you. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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