SEO Content: How SEO Optimized Content Leads to More Traffic

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Content is the backbone of every good SEO-strategy. A website can be in a great technical condition, perfectly optimized for search engines and have a high-authority – without content it won’t be able to rank for any keyword.

How you optimize content for search engines and why SEO content is so important will be explained in this article.

The Biggest Advantage: Keyword Research

Many companies make the mistake to simply create content they find interesting. In a team they collect interesting topics and based on that they decide which content they create. This procedure is a waste of time and money.

The problem with it is that you can only guess what content your potential customers might be interested in. However, with the help of data you can find out what content users are actually looking for and if content for a specific topic is actually worth creating it.

With the help of content planning and keyword research we can exactly say how many people are looking for a specific topic and how high its competition is. With this procedure you can save lots of time and money.

So… the first advantage of SEO content is that you can be sure that people are actually looking for the content you want to publish on your website. It prevents you from spending money on content that isn’t relevant.

SEO Content Keyword Research

High Readability & Clear Structure

Especially for articles and blog content good readability and a clear structure are really important. If a user doesn’t instantly have the feeling to understand a website’s content he will leave the website to find an article with a better readability.

Google knows that and studies the readability and structure of pages and posts. If the content isn’t well-structured Google ranks articles much worse. In addition to that, search engines understand pages much better if they have a clear structure.

SEO content is optimized for search engines. That not only means to use the right keywords and place them at the right places, it also means to make sure that the content has a clear structure.

Optimized Meta Descriptions & Alt-Texts

Keywords not only have to be placed correctly in the SEO content itself, but they also need to be placed in SEO titles, meta descriptions and alt-texts. Next to the right placement of keywords there are more rules for optimized titles and meta descriptions. One example is their length.

A SEO title shouldn’t be longer than 55 characters, as otherwise it can’t be shown in search engines completely. A meta description shouldn’t be longer than 156 characters to be shown completely.

Optimized titles and descriptions not only result in better rankings, but also in a higher click-through rate. A user decides which search results he clicks based on the title and description. To optimize them will result in more clicks –> more traffic!

Content Length

The content length is another important raking factor, as usually you won’t be able to explain a topic really detailed with a few hundred words.

If a website article has 1000 words while a competitor’s article has only 400 words it’s a sign for Google that the first one has a higher quality and includes more information. We recommend to create SEO content with at least 1200 words.

SEO Texte Länge
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Necessary for SEO Content: Information & Value

Till now we only talked about SEO optimization. What shouldn’t be forgotten is the quality and value of the content!

The goal of a search engine is to provide its users with the best and most informative content. A user is usually looking for an answer to his question or for a solution for his problem. Search engines want to understand the search intent of a user to provide him with the result he is looking for.

As Google and its algorithms are getting smarter and smarter every day, it’s important to rely on high-quality content. Search engines understand if your content is informative or not. That’s why even perfectly optimized content won’t rank if it doesn’t provide value to the people reading it.

If you want to convince Google and other search engines long-term it’s necessary to rely on SEO content that also offers valuable information.

SEO Content Service

We, the team of BlogTec, help our clients to reach more potential customers. During that our strategy is to create high-quality content that is optimized for search engines.

Together with technical SEO and clean link building, we help our clients to reach a level of constant growth.

If that sounds interesting to you don’t hesitate to contact us.

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