Winning Customers Online: Which Channels Are Worthwhile?

One thing is clear: not doing any online marketing these days simply means ignoring business opportunities. But acquiring customers professionally through the Internet takes time.

In order to bundle this valuable time efficiently, start-ups in particular are right to ask themselves: Where exactly is my target group? Which social media channels make sense in the long term, and which are already the trend of the day before yesterday? And how can I generate more customers without online ads?

In this article, we offer you an overview of the most important online channels. We’ll explain which target groups are on Facebook, Instagram & Co. and which strategy is the best way to reach them. We also give you valuable tips for customer acquisition through search engines like Google.

Ready? Then let’s get started!

Winning Customers With Social Media

Social media is a great tool for attracting customers online. The basic rules in social media are:

  • Show the personal side of your business
  • Be approachable, respond to comments promptly
  • Inspire your followers with constantly new content
  • Show honest content and don’t put on a show

What are the most important social media channels?

Facebook (Meta)

Anyone who thought Facebook was just a short-term fad at the time had done their math without Mr. Zuckerberg. According to Statista, despite all the fuss about data privacy, Facebook recorded 2.1 billion-mark users worldwide in the third quarter of 2021. This makes Meta, as Facebook is now called, one of the most important marketing channels for all target groups.

The main users in are currently 30-39 years old, followed by 20-29 year olds. But even those over 60 are very active on the platform. With an industry-wide spread, Facebook is suitable for both B2C and B2B marketing. You can win new customers on Facebook primarily through active membership in groups. However, you have to advertise posts separately in the form of Facebook Ads if you are not listed within the first results by the algorithm.


Instagram measures around 1.22 billion users, according to Statista. This makes it the most popular platform after Facebook. Instagram lends itself to businesses in the end-user sector. The target group of 14-30 year-olds is particularly popular here. Photos and image stories are an excellent way to generate emotions and thus attract more customers. At best, these photos are characterized by two features: Professional, yet authentic.

Instagram users decide in just a few seconds whether they are interested in a post or not. New customers can be won on Instagram, in addition to classic ads, primarily with the involvement of influencers. This also applies to small businesses. Depending on the industry, it doesn’t have to a big name who can inspire and acquire customers. Especially in niche marketing, it’s worth taking a look at successful Instagrammers around 50k followers.


In the beginning it was a pure recruiting platform and the international answer to XING. Today, it is considered the number one platform in B2B marketing. Currently, around 756 million users worldwide, 16 million of them in the DACH region, can confirm this. You can win new customers here by sharing your professional knowledge and being brave enough to openly express your company’s opinion.

When it comes to content, videos are at the forefront on LinkedIn. Paid advertising is also possible. The scope of advertising options here is almost reminiscent of Google: There is a campaign manager that you can align with your individual campaign goal. In addition, various ad formats such as text ads, dynamic ads or sponsored content are possible. With this business platform, you should create a persona, but think more about their company role than their age.


Pinterest is still highly underrated by many businesses. Why is that? You should pay particular attention to this media channel if you sell products in the home and furnishing sector. Because this is where the decision-makers are, with a 70% share of women. Furnishing ideas are just as popular as DIY hacks, which means that products in the craft sector can also be marketed in the best possible way.

This online platform is also worth a closer look for companies in the food (especially healthy food), beauty and travel sectors. You can score points with aesthetic and expressive photos. For example, if you’re a furniture manufacturer, you can create living dreams in your viewers and let your potential customers know where they can fulfill them. Of course, you can also promote your contributions.

Winning Customers Online Social Media

Win Customers Online With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the basis of any good online marketing strategy.

This is what we claim as an online marketing agency that has deliberately focused on the field of SEO and content marketing. With know-how and heart and soul, we convince more and more customers month after month of the unique strategy of generating honest traffic with crisp SEO content.

Why Exactly Is SEO So Important?

In order for you to gain new customers on the Internet, there are three rules. You have to

  1. make them aware that you exist,
  2. gain their trust and
  3. show them why it is worthwhile for them to spend their money with you.

The first step is often the most difficult. You have to make it to the first page of the organic search results on Google. There are two ways to do this:

You buy the attention of your target group with Google Ads. But often you primarily generate traffic as long as your ad is online. And you always reach many people who “just want to have a look” and do not belong to your main target group.

You show your target group with relevant content that you are the expert they are looking for. In the past, as today, people don’t trust the brand per se, but the experience they have with it. To attract new customers online, you need to introduce them to your brand on a personal level. Good SEO copy can do that.

Website SEO

The first step in optimizing your content for search engines like Google is to index your website correctly. With the help of a sitemap, you can make sure which of your pages should be visible to Google and which should not. A cleanly organized sitemap is considered the first key factor for a successful organic search engine optimization. Do you already have a finished website, but are having trouble attracting new customers? Then often an optimization of existing content already helps.

SEO for Product Pages (Landing Page)

With landing pages, the user’s intention is already close to the purchase!

Our top priority is therefore to optimize your landing page so that you land on the first page in Google. Again, keyword research plays one of the main roles. But also internal and external links should be checked and optimized if necessary. Appropriate testimonials and call-to-actions can give your site an additional push in the right direction.

After that, it’s important that the content of your page reflects what users expect. In addition to sitemap and keyword usage, answering the search intent is a crucial ranking factor. Google wants your content to answer the searcher’s question as well as possible. Accordingly, for keywords with high purchase intent, products should be promoted early and clearly.

SEO for Blog Articles

Blog articles are a very useful tool to show yourself as an expert in your field and acquire new customers online.

But did you know that with blog articles, the writing itself should actually only account for 50% of the total time? The same is true for this article I’m sitting on right now. Around 25% of the time is ideally spent on preparation, and the same percentage is spent on follow-up. In most cases, a blog post should answer the following three questions:

  • What? (What is/means the topic?).
  • Why? (Why is the topic so important; Why is the topic important/relevant to me right now?)
  • How (How can my performance specifically solve the problem?).

Want to write your own blog posts? Then we have some inspiration and valuable tips for you in our “110% Guide – How to write the ideal blog post“.

SEO for Product Pages (Landing Page)

Good PR texts are far from being obsolete. You can also use them to acquire new customers on the Internet. With strong backlinks, you also build up trust in the eyes of Google. Backlinks from relevant pages show that you are a recognized expert in your field.

Online PR texts include, for example, guest articles that discuss a specific topic. Or an interview as a company founder, in which you present your company and its visions. Sounds dull at first, but can be prepared in an extremely exciting way.

Our Conclusion

A great potential for the acquisition of new customers on the Internet lies within the known social media platforms. At the very least, companies are advised to have a presence on Facebook, ideally in combination with Instagram. B2B companies should focus on LinkedIn. Companies whose products can be optimally presented in images can’t go wrong with Instagram and Pinterest.

The basis for attracting customers online, in our opinion, is a strong presence in search results. If you’re competing at the top of Google for the important keywords in your niche, you’ll quickly build a name for yourself within your target audience and accompany potential customers on every step of the buyer’s journey – from informative blog articles to purchase-oriented landing pages.

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