How to Write Advertising Copy That Converts: 7 Tips + Example

You already have fantastic products or a great portfolio of services, and you know it! But how do you get the value of your products and services across to potential clients? Advertising copy is still the first point of call. But how to write advertising copy that stands out? What is important? And what defines advertising copy that actually works?

We’ll answer all of these questions in this article, and give you some tips along the way. We’ll even show you one of our ad copy examples.

What Is an Advertising Text?

The goal of an advertising text is clear: it should encourage readers to purchase your products or services. It should also help you to gain more traffic to your website and increase sales in the long run.

The structure of an advertising text consists of these main elements:

  1. Headline
  2. Subheading (subline)
  3. Body text
  4. Call to action (CTA)

An advertising text can come in many forms and lengths. Press releases, newsletters, blog posts, and landing pages are just a few of the many possibilities.

What Makes Good Ad Copy?

The trick to effective advertising copy is that it isn’t always recognizable as classic advertising at first glance. But, it always will have educated, moved, or even inspired the reader. Even when identifiable as advertising, a creative copy will still inform or spark the interest of the reader effectively. So much so, that it motivates potential customers to look further, whether that’s on your website or by visiting your store.

This happens through the convincing nature of good advertising copy. Readers are convinced that your offering is the solution to their needs or problem. Now, this may not lead to an immediate purchase decision, because most people take time to think about it, comparing prices and reviews first. But a convincing text stays in the mind and is remembered at the time when there is a definite need to purchase the product or service.

Why Should I Learn How to Write Advertising Copy?

Firstly, because every business requires advertising copy at some point! As a bare minimum, to ensure that Internet users know that you even exist! And secondly, because effective advertising copy enables you to define your offering and show what makes you different, therefore allowing you to stand out from your competition.

Whether it’s for a product or a service, copywriting is hugely underrated within some industries. So if you can learn how to write ad copy that sells, you may find your big chance to shine!

Search Engine Optimization for Ad and Marketing Copy

Even the experts, who have written sales-boosting advertising copy for daily newspapers or trade magazines in the past, will face new challenges on the Internet.

This is because, whilst the content is still excellent — if relevant keywords or backlinks are missing, the search engines will not recognize the copy as relevant. As a result, you will place too low in the search engine results and no one will be able to find you. Therefore, it’s important to not only master how to write converting ad copy, but also to learn how to write SEO texts to ensure you’re listed in the top search results. As with anything online, it’s key to stay up to date with the latest trends, so make sure to keep learning and acquiring knowledge in this area.

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Writing Advertising Copy: 7 Tips for Strong Content

Now for some concrete tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: See Yourself as the Customer

As entrepreneurs, we love our products and services. We know the individual features, the structure, the functionality. We want to explain these to the reader, in as much detail as possible.

But what happens when YOU first start reading a text and are bombarded with the technical details of a product, or with loads of terms you’ve never even heard of before? Exactly. In most cases, you’ll get bored and stop reading.

This way the customer’s point of view is easier for you

If you find it difficult to change your perspective, try asking yourself the following questions from the reader’s point of view:

— I have this desire/problem. What is the best way to solve/fulfill it?

— Will this product/service specifically help me fulfill my wish/solve my problem?

— How does this product/service help me with the problem?

Tip 2: Build Trust

Being critical is a smart trait, it saves us from making wrong decisions and taking unnecessary risks. Especially on the Internet, the most bizarre claims are circulating. So, how can you make sure that your offer is a serious one?

Before writing, think about what objections and questions a reader might have — and answer them immediately. After reading the text, the prospect should be left with a good gut feeling to engage with your company or buy from you.

How exactly you can meet the voice of your readers, we have summarized in our guide: Content for websites.

Tip 3: Keep Your Advertising Copy Short and Snappy

Your text should be interesting. It should be relevant to your target audience. And above all: It should be easy to understand.

Even if you are addressing highly educated academics, they are only human. Between work and family, there’s often not much time and leisure to spend hours scouring the Internet for the right offers. Therefore, the reader must know immediately what you want to tell them.

Therefore, use short sentences and, especially in the B2C market, use few technical terms. The headline is especially important. Show the reader that they will get what they are looking for.

Tip 4: Tell a Story

It’s not only children who love stories. The key to advertising psychology is fulfilling this important task: arouse emotions through images in your story. With storytelling, ideally, you get the reader to put themselves in a world that awakens a desire, which they can fulfill by taking advantage of your offer.

In addition, stories create curiosity and excitement. Have you ever tried to structure a presentation in such a way that you tell a story at the beginning? This will wake up even the most tired of colleagues. And let’s be honest, in television series, has a cliffhanger convinced you to watch another episode?

If you want to earn money writing advertising copy, we invite you to send us your application at BlogTec.

Tip 5: Ask the Reader to Take Action

Okay, so you’ve already considered all the previous tips, but still, nothing is happening on your website? This may be because you’re not making it clear enough to the reader what they should do with their newly acquired knowledge.

Sometimes they just need a nudge in the right direction: “Buy today”, or, “Just click here”. A “call-to-action” is what the advertising gurus call it. It’s often forgotten, but it’s super important. Make it as easy as possible for the reader and lead them to their purchase, for example with a contact form or buttons that invite them to click with signal colors.

Tip 6: Address Your Readers Directly

Address the individual prospective customer, not all at once. It is helpful to imagine you are talking to a good friend and recommending something to them. Use the “you” or “you’re” form, depending on the target group.

With this method, you remove any possible fear from the reader. They’ll feel more understood if they see themselves on the same level as you. And above all, when they have the feeling that they are “talking to a real person” and not receiving general information from a company.

Tip 7: Use an Ad Text Generator

With an SEO text generator, you can have your advertising texts written automatically. At the same time, it also optimizes for keywords, which has a positive effect on your findability on the web and your ranking position.

SEO text generators are based on language processing models. If you enter relevant keywords and other specifications, the system searches the Internet for similar content, processes it, and builds a completely new text from it. Deep learning through artificial intelligence makes it possible.

However, without a human editor checking the automatically created text, the article should not be uploaded. The tools are good for reducing work time and gaining inspiration, but not infallible.

Advertising Example: From a Copywriting Agency

Did you know that according to Backlinko over 90% of pages on the Internet do not receive organic traffic from search results?

This is because most website owners fail to optimize their content for search engines.

You may also have content on your site that you hoped would get more attention and better results …

You’re in luck! Through targeted SEO optimization, your content can still be adapted to the requirements of search engines like Google, therefore drawing more traffic!

At BlogTec, we’re extremely accomplished at optimizing existing content. Our SEO managers and editors will find the missing keywords and adapt your content to the search intent.

Our Conclusion: A Full Copywriting Service

Well-written, creative advertising copy is essential to be seen on the web and stay competitive in the long run. If you want to provide a full copywriting service, you need to learn how to write advertising copy, as well as how to use SEO optimization tools.

So there are some tips for writing advertising copy — we hope that they will be useful for you.

At BlogTec, we specialize in writing texts online that convince both readers and Google at the same time. Working with us is professional and uncomplicated. You can book our copywriting service online at any time via our app.

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