Organic SEO Support

Here, you’ll find out what organic SEO support is, what it includes, how much it costs and how our team at Blogtec can help you.

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Organic SEO Support​



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Here, you’ll find out what organic SEO support is, what it includes, how much it costs and how our team at BlogTec can help you.

40% Off
on everything during Winter Sale.
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Organic SEO Support: Scope, Process and Costs at a Glance

Organic SEO support is a tricky thing — for sure you get new proposals from self-proclaimed SEO professionals almost every day, who want to support you in optimizing all important SEO parameters for little money…

But do these SEO proposals do any good? How extensively should you do SEO, and do you even need an ongoing (organic) SEO support? How does it work, and what does a really sustainable support in the SEO area cost?

To get it right from the start: You should avoid the bargains in the SEO area in any case. Such companies work with standard tools that you could have used yourself. For truly sustainable results, you should entrust yourself to a professional SEO firm.

The Basics of Organic SEO Support

Before we clarify the question of (organic) SEO support, we would first like to say a few words about SEO itself: To be found among the billions of websites, a good ranking on Google is essential. Only if you do something for it, you have a chance to appear in the first ten search results. All measures that are necessary for this are summarized under the term SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization.

Since these requirements are constantly changing, the Google bots are becoming more and more intelligent. And since your competitors are not sleeping either, regular SEO support is important and necessary.

With a monthly organic SEO support, all search engine relevant parameters are constantly checked and optimized. New keywords are identified, the competition is kept in mind, the technical SEO aspects are considered and much more. We will go into the details below.

Let’s put it this way: If you can afford to miss out on customers, sales, leads, visitors and traffic, just sit back and do nothing. If, on the other hand, you want to improve your web presence, enhance the user experience, attract more visitors and ultimately generate more revenue, ongoing organic SEO support is very worthwhile.

Through the improvements, you will gradually rise in the search results and attract more visitors. You must be aware that it is not a one-time sprint, but rather a marathon run. To avoid running it with your legs tied together, we’ll help you reach your goals. Our SEO service represents the supply stations on your long run. We provide you with fresh water, new running shoes, food, glucose, and everything else you need to win this race.

You must make the right investment decision. An investment is always long term and, in the best case, sustainable. An investment should only be made with reliable partners who have expertise in their field. Both partners should get something out of their collaboration. In a win-win situation, both sides have the necessary motivation.

How Our Customers Succeeded With Blogtec

What Is the Process of an Organic SEO Support

The basis for a successful and sustainable SEO support is the thorough first conversation and the following analysis. Here, important questions are clarified that define the objective of the website and all measures. Furthermore, we clarify the exact services that should be provided and speak about available resources. Accordingly, an ongoing organic SEO support takes place in five stages:

1. Free Consultation

If you have questions or want to talk to our SEO and content experts about your first measures, you can schedule an appointment here. This is completely nonbinding. We will be happy to assist you or create an individual proposal for you.

2. Detailed Analysis of the Actual State

During the detailed analysis of your website, the so-called SEO site audit, we collect the most important data regarding the website performance to be able to optimize it in a targeted manner afterward. We examine all the significant parameters and summarize them in an easy-to-understand overview that shows you all the optimization options.

By the way: If you have a little experience yourself, this report will help you to implement some measures yourself. Because with our report, you know where to start — if you have enough free resources, you can save money on the subsequent optimization.

3. Development of an SEO Game Plan With a Catalog of Measures

The previously conducted audit serves as the basis for all further measures within the monthly organic SEO support. We summarize all planning in a clear catalog, show you how we want to bring your site forward, and what content is required for this.

4. Monthly Implementation of the Identified Measures in the Area of Keywords, Content, On-Page and Off-Page

Our SEO process for your website consists of many individual measures, which can be roughly divided into four areas. In the next section, we will go into detail about the individual measures so that you know exactly what to expect in our SEO packages for regular support of your website.

5. Reporting

Of course, our service also includes a comprehensive reporting system. Within your SEO content subscription, every 12 weeks you will receive a report on the actions taken and insights into the improvements already achieved. However, it must be emphasized once again that the results will be visible in the search results after about 10–12 weeks at the earliest.

How It Works

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What Does a Monthly Organic SEO Support Include?

Points 4 and 5 already contain the two main areas of the monthly support of your website. These are the measures of the monthly implementation in detail:


Keywords are among the most important aspects in SEO. Only using the right keywords in the right amount and in the right place will lead to success eventually.

  • Identify and qualify relevant keywords: We analyze your website, business, and content and determine the relevant keywords, rank them by importance and create a plan accordingly.
  • Find opportunity keywords: We also specifically look for keywords that have received little attention from competitors, allowing you to take advantage of opportunities and fill niches.
  • Strengthen Money Keywords: We try to further strengthen the keywords that really generate revenue and place them (even) better than competitors.
  • Detect and eliminate keyword cannibalization: If we notice that keywords overlap in different posts and thus rob each other of substance, we take appropriate measures.


Content is our particular strength. Thanks to our network of experienced writers and our extensive quality control, we can deliver exceptionally high-quality content.

  • Planning and creation of a content plan: In advance, we create a content plan with upcoming topics, keywords used and more.
  • Creation of regular texts according to SEO criteria: Every month we create the best possible SEO content to make your website more relevant to Google and show expertise, especially in niches.


In the context of technical SEO and content optimizations, we address on-page criteria in particular. These include among others:

  • Optimization of the code
  • Improvement of the structure
  • Adjustment of alt attributes, meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Improvement of headings and page titles
  • Optimization of the index structure
  • Creation of internal links
  • Insertion of keywords in the right places


But also off-page we have a lot to offer, foremost the topic of backlinks. We develop texts that could be interesting for other websites to receive guest posts. We actively offer content to other site owners and also look for existing, harmful links leading to casinos or dubious horoscopes.

  • Building/expanding a backlink strategy
  • Lookout for potential partners
  • Writing high-quality guest articles

What Does an Ongoing Organic SEO Support Cost?

At Blogtec, you have the choice between different modules and options to design your monthly organic SEO support according to your ideas and budget. Our SEO proposal includes the following modules:

Keyword Research
Starts at €69.00
  • High-ranking keywords
  • Customized topics
  • Suitable for different niches
Site Audit
per Audit
  • SEO status report
  • Find technical errors
  • Improvement strategy by SEO experts
Technical SEO
per Page
  • Optimization of meta titles & meta descriptions
  • Correction of technical problems
  • Detailed report
Backlink Package
Starts at €599.00
  • Individual guest posts
  • High-authority websites
  • Different types of backlinks
Content plan
Starts at €169.00
  • Individual topics
  • High-ranking keywords
  • Suitable for different niches
SEO Texts
Starts at €35.00
  • Free revision
  • Keyword research included
  • Quality control by professional editors

Example of a Proposal

Let’s imagine the following case: You have a small, medium-sized company in the field of building services. You want to win more customers, lead more visitors to your website and be found better in the search results on Google.

After our non-binding initial consultation, you are now interested in a concrete quotation tailored to your needs. We will be happy to provide you with this for a long-term and regular search engine optimization for your domain In the following, we will show you how we embed your wishes into the appropriate measures:

Your WishesMeasures and ServiceOne-Time CostsMonthly Costs
You’d like to know how your website is currently performing, which pages are performing well and which are not, and what the general current state of your website is.An SEO site audit will shed light and answer all these questions.€299.00
You want to know which specific keywords are performing optimally.We create a comprehensive keyword analysis, which in our example case is a bit more extensive and therefore goes beyond the basic price.€130.00
You wish to know how your website is doing technically.We perform a technical SEO on your existing 20 webpages.€240.00 (€12.00 per webpage)
You are interested in two SEO texts per month in a fixed package.Our package including keyword research and two texts per month is the optimal choice. The package also includes SEO reporting.€349.00
Backlinks should strengthen your website and show expertise.With one of our backlink packages, you can easily achieve this. For our example, we assume 2 high-quality backlinks with unique guest posts suitable for a variety of niches.€599.00
Total costs
(1st column one-time costs /
2nd column monthly recurring costs)

By the way: With Blogtec you don’t make any long-term commitments, and you can cancel your monthly packages at any time. Only if you are satisfied, we are too.

At Blogtec, We Help You to Reach Your Goals

Finding SEO support on the internet is not difficult — there are thousands of companies out there. Finding an excellent, well-founded monthly organic SEO support, individually carried out by experts with attention to detail, is much more difficult. At Blogtec, we place great emphasis on quality.

This starts with the selection of our authors and continues with our SEO experts and editors. In this way, we ensure a complete quality control, always under the four-eyes principle.

You can certainly find ongoing support for your website in terms of the SEO process cheaper. But in the end, it is not the cost of SEO that matters, but the result as well as the results of the measures. See for yourself that we are your reliable partner, as we have already proven with over 1,000 other clients. On Trustpilot, we are particularly proud of 100% 5-star ratings.

By the way: Proposals that promise you an improvement of your ranking or even the 1st place in the search results are mostly dubious because nobody knows the exact algorithms of Google and can thus make such a promise.