Identify the Potential of Your Business

Before we start creating SEO content, we offer you the opportunity to find out about your untapped potential with our individual SEO competitor analysis.

In addition to deep insights into your industry, we show you in which areas it’s worth investing in SEO content and which measures need to be taken to beat your competition permanently.

Get All Information About Your Competitors

We will give you an overview of the most important SEO data of your competitors, as well as a detailed list of keywords and backlinks. This collected information gives you deep insights into the SEO strategy of your competitors and saves precious time in the following SEO optimization.

What Our SEO Competitor Analysis Includes:

Competitor Report:

We show you the most important SEO data of your competitors including domain authority, number of backlinks, number of ranking keywords and organic traffic. It’s an overview of your industry, especially in terms of your potential and opportunities.

Backlink Profiles:

This overview of your competitors’ backlinks helps to get an impression of their link building strategy, which makes planning your own strategy much easier.

Competitor Keywords:

We create a detailed list of keywords for which your competitors rank in the top 20. This can not only be used in subsequent keyword research, but also shows where you can set yourself apart from your competitors.


We summarize all relevant SEO information for you and show you the potentials and opportunities within your industry.

Country-specific SEO Competitor Analysis

If you want to focus on specific countries or improve your rankings outside of Germany, we offer country-specific reporting on request.

In addition to our services described above, we analyze the number of referring domains with the respective country domain (e.g.: .de/.at/.ch), as well as the matching keywords and backlinks.


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  • Data of Competitors
  • Find Your Potential
  • Find Out What's Needed To Compete With Your Competitors