Competitor Analysis

Before we start with planning a SEO strategy, we analyse your competitors to define potential, difficulty and goals.

Competitor Analysis

Before we start with planning a SEO strategy, we analyse your competitors to define potential, difficulty and goals.

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A Competitor Analysis is important for your business strategy!

Before we start with planning your SEO or/and Content strategy, it can be super helpful to make a Competitor Analysis. The goal is to get an impression about how strong the competition is, how big the potential of your niche is, what could be defined as first goals and what would be needed to reach them.

If you run a company, especially if it’s an online business, it’s important that you know about the potential of your niche. With a Competitor Analysis you can learn about this potential perfectly, as you’ll get all SEO relevant data of your competitors, in particular = organic traffic.

Next to knowing where you can be with your company, it’s important to know how how much effort is needed to be at the same size as your competitors. As soon as you know that, you can make a rough assessment about how much you need to invest.

With knowing the potential of your company, as well as knowing how much effort/money you need to get there, you can get deep insights in your niche and your business idea.

Next to this data we will provide you with the organic keywords and backlinks of your competitors. This will give us insights in their SEO strategies and is super helpful in future link building and SEO optimisation!

Option 1: General Competitor Analysis

Our Competitor Analysis includes four parts: Competitor Report, Competitor Backlink Profile, Competitor Keywords and a Summary/Conclusion.

The Competitor Report will show you all relevant SEO data of your competitors. It will give you an overview about the niche of your business, especially about its potential and difficulty.

The Backlink Profiles of your competitors will help to get an overview about their link building strategy and will be helpful for your business, when you plan your own link building strategy.

After we made a list of your competitors keywords, we will also prepare an extra sheet with their strongest keywords, so they can be used for further On-Page optimisation.

Our Competitor Analysis includes the following:

– Competitor Report: List of competitors incl. domain authority, amount of backlinks, amount of ranking keywords, organic traffic.

 Competitor Backlink Profile: Detailed list of all competitors backlinks. The goal is to get an impression of the backlink strategies of your competitors, what will help when creating your businesses backlink strategy.

– Competitors Keywords: List of keywords your competitors are ranking in the top 20, plus an extra sheet with the strongest keywords. This can be used for following On-Page optimisation.

– Summary & Conclusion about potential and difficulty of your niche.

Option 2: Country Specific Competitor Analysis

If you and your company want to reach customers from a specific country, or you want us to improve your rankings in a specific country, it makes sense to research the data only of this country. In this case we would research the amount of referring domains with the specific country mark (.de/.at/.ch), next to the general amount of referring domains. The data for the keywords (search volume / keyword difficulty) and the organic traffic would also be based on the defined country.

In case you want German SEO & content services and want to reach people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland it makes sense to use general data. If you want to only reach people in a specific country or want to improve your rankings in a specific country, it makes sense to use country specific data.

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Competitor Analysis

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