Content Planning

Good decisions are based on research. That’s why doing keyword research is part of every content planning and necessary for a good SEO & content strategy!

Content Planning

Good decisions are based on research. That’s why doing keyword research is part of every content planning and necessary for a good SEO & content strategy!

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Develop a 5-Star Content Strategy

The goal of planning content is to develop a result bringing content strategy. We want to find out what your audience is looking for to avoid wasting resources on creating content that in the end brings no results.

To prepare a results-driven content strategy it’s important to do keyword research. We don’t want to just guess what your audience is looking for!

Our goal: We want to be sure we provide your potential customers with the right content and we want to be able to prove it with data!

With the help of efficient keyword research we can provide our clients with exactly that!

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is one of the most important tasks when it comes to SEO and content planning. To understand what it’s about you need to understand what a keyword is.

A keyword can be one or multiple words that people put in search engines. If I go to and enter “What time is it?” then this is a keyword. These keywords are super important, as based on these few words Google needs to figure out which page (of billions of pages on the internet) is the one you’re looking for.

During keyword research we prepare a list of hundreds of keywords and filter out the best ones. Then we use the filtered keywords to plan the content of our clients.

What Is the Goal of Keyword Research?

Researching keywords is needed to understand how high the demand for certain keywords and topics is and how hard it would be to compete for those. Here are the two points that make a good keyword:

Search Volume is needed to make sure if a topic you want to include on your website is actually searched. It doesn’t make sense to write an article about a topic that is maybe interesting for you but no one else is looking for it.

Keyword Difficulty gives information about how hard it is to rank for a certain keyword.

Let’s use a really broad keyword like “travel” as an example. It has almost 1.000.000 searches every month. That sounds like an amazing keyword if you only take a look at the search volume. But it’s one of the most competitive keywords as well. The top results are websites like Wikipedia, New York Times or BBC.

If you don’t have a budget of millions of dollars there won’t be any chance to get traffic from this keyword.


The goal of keyword research is to find out what people are actually looking for and how hard the competition for a specific topic is.

We want to find keywords with high search volume but low competition. With the help of SEO tools we can research this data and prepare lists of keywords and possible topics for your website including these data.

Why It’s Important to Research Keywords

To do keyword research isn’t just about researching tons of data. It helps you to understand your customer. With the help of keyword research you understand what your customers are looking for and you understand their voice.

You’ll learn what to include on your website, which products people are interested in, what you should blog about and so on. That’s what makes keyword research a key element of customer experience and marketing.

Next to it, it has two big advantages. First it helps you to drive more traffic to your website – traffic of the right audience that is likely to buy your product or whatever your conversion goal is.

The second point that is really important for every business is that keyword research is efficient. When clients come to us and ask us for SEO & marketing consulting, we often see that they wasted thousands of dollars creating content that either no one is actually looking for or that is super hard to compete.

Our main strategy to drive traffic to our clients websites is creating high-quality content – adding more SEO content to their websites and improving existing landing pages and articles.

It’s important to understand that content, even if it has the highest quality and is super informative, won’t bring you any organic traffic if no one is looking for it or if you compete with magazines that are in the game 10 years longer than you!

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