Link Building

Link building is one of the most important factors of ranking a website on Google. It’s necessary if you want to attract visitors and potential customers through organic traffic!

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important factors of ranking a website on Google. It’s necessary if you want to attract visitors and potential customers through organic traffic!

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Boost Your Traffic With a Good Link Building Strategy!

Search engines like Google have a long list of different factors when deciding which website they rank on top of different search results. Some of these factors are still unknown, but we know about the most important ones.

Link building is one of the most important factors for ranking a website on Google and necessary for every business that wants to attract visitors and potential customers with organic traffic. Before you start with link building, you should make sure that your website is technically optimized. You can find more about that on our service page about On-Page Optimization.

What Is Link Building?

Link building sounds like a great way to boost your traffic and your business success, doesn’t it? So let’s talk about what link building actually is! As the name already reveals, it’s about building links. The goal is to get other websites linking to yours – this is called a backlink.

This sounds simple, but actually, there’s much more to mention, as there are also “bad” backlinks that can hurt your website’s rankings. Sometimes websites even lose almost their total traffic as a result of a wrong link building strategy. 

The Quality of Backlinks

It’s important to know that building backlinks is not just about getting random links to your website. Every link has a different quality. Instead of having 10 low-quality links to your website, it can be better to have only one link but from a high-quality website.

10 links from small forums that no one reads or one link from a big website like the New York Times or Forbes… what do you think is more valuable?

Important: Social media mentions and other links from social media, such as Facebook, Instagram e.t.c, influence your Google rankings but don’t count as backlinks. Google evaluates social media differently and gives social media links much less importance than links from other websites.

Why Is Link Building Important?

The goal of search engines is to provide users with the most relevant and helpful information. If you put something into the Google search bar, you are looking for something and Google wants to make sure it can provide you with that. That means on top of Google are the results that Google thinks are what you’re looking for.

Three factors are important here. The first thing is the technical part of your website. It makes sense that Google doesn’t want to provide its users with broken websites. That’s why your website should be fast, without broken links, have a good structure and so on… more about that on our page about On-Page Optimization.

The second factor is content. Google’s algorithms have a good understanding of your content and know if your website includes the high-quality content it wants to show to its users or if your content is missing valuable information. So never forget about creating high-quality SEO content!

The last factors are the amount and quality of your website’s backlinks. Backlinks show Google that your website is important and has a high quality. They’re signs that your website is relevant; otherwise other websites wouldn’t mention it, right?

The Importance of Link Building Explained On An Example

If Mark Zuckerberg just sold Facebook for 100 Billion Dollars and the New York Times, as well as your best friend’s small blog, publish an article about that with the same content and quality, which one do you think is more likely to rank on top of the search results? Of course, the article of the New York Times!

Why? Because the New York Times website is more important, more relevant. But how can Google know that the New York Times is more important than your best friend’s blog? You got it! Because thousands of other high-quality websites and magazines are linking to the New York Times’ articles!

What Is Important When It Comes to Link Building?

As more and more business owners, executives, managers and marketers understand the importance of backlinks for organic traffic, there are more and more agencies and wanna-be-marketers out there that sell backlinks to their clients but actually hurt their clients’ rankings more than they improve them.

It’s important to get links from high-authority websites and blogs. Also, it’s essential to keep the type of backlinks in mind and mix them up wisely. It isn’t natural if your website has backlinks from 100 different forums, but not from a single magazine or blog – and Google will see that!

So don’t just take a look at the number of links – take a look at quality and mix of the backlinks. 1 single high-quality backlink can be as valuable as 100 links with low-quality.

Is It Expensive?

The price of a backlink can be really different depending on its quality and the location of the linking website.

Your Website Language and Location Matter

If you have a German website, you want to have links from German-speaking websites. The German link building market is one of the most expensive ones out there and the prices for a backlink start at a higher price as if the link would be from a website in India for example.

The Quality of the Backlink Matters

The higher the quality of a backlink, the higher the price. That’s as easy as it is. A link from a big magazine like Forbes will cost you more than a link from a small blog, but it will also bring you better results.

So basically you can say that the prices range from 100$ to 100.000$. The more you’re willing to invest – the better the results!

We Help You to Find the Right Backlink Strategy!

This all sounds good and yes backlinks will boost your website’s visibility a lot, but it can be tricky to get them! We worked on tons of websites and got a feeling for the right mix of different types of backlinks.

Through our link building campaigns, we connected to thousands of blogs and magazines, which allows us to place our clients (with the right budget) on some of the biggest and most authoritative websites out there!

Best SEO-Strategy: Mix SEO Optimization with 5-Star Content!

A good SEO Optimization is necessary for your website to rank high on Google. This includes On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Business owners, executives and managers know that, so they hire agencies like BlogTec to help them with optimizing their websites for search engines.

What they often forget is that SEO optimization is just one of two factors to rank a website. The other factor is content! Google wants to provide its users with answers to their questions and this, in most cases, is well-written content that provides value and information.

The crawlers of Google are highly intelligent and getting smarter every single day, as the smartest people on the planet are working on improving the search results every day. If you want your website to attract visitors long-term, you have to create SEO content that provides a lot of value to its readers – and this is what we do!

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