On-Page Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation is the fundamental of SEO. Let us explain what it’s about and how it can help to significantly grow your traffic.

On-Page Optimisation​

On-Page Optimisation is the fundamental of SEO. Let us explain what it’s about and how it can help to significantly grow your traffic.

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Increase Traffic With On-Page Optimisation!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is definitely one of the best methods to drive valuable traffic to your website. It gives you the chance to drive remarkable amounts of traffic to your business website, that you can later turn into conversions/sales.

On-Page Optimisation is the fundamental of SEO. Let us explain you what it’s exactly about and how it can help your business to grow.

What is On-Page Optimisation?

On-Page Optimisation or On-Page SEO is all that happens on your website. The goal is to optimise your pages and make them attractive for search engines to let them rank higher in search results.

What we basically want to achieve doing our optimisation is to make your website well structured and easy understandable. This is important for your users, as well as for Google, and is necessary if you want to rank your pages high on Google.

On-Page SEO can basically be split into two parts – Technical Optimisation & Content.

Technical Optimisation

The technical optimisation is necessary but often forgotten by online businesses. Before we start with the optimisation itself we make a Site Audit of your website and scan for any technical issues.

We want to make that your website is “healthy”. This means that everything should be working without any issues, every link should work and lead to valuable content and so on. Google crawls your website and sees if there are issues on your website and of course Google doesn’t want to provide its users with broken and not working websites.

Technical issues we see a lot are:

  • Multiple or Missing H1 tags
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Broken Internal & External Links
  • Bad URL Structure
  • Slow Websites
  • Bad Index Structure
  • Not Working Sitemaps & Robots.txt

These are just some of the issues we see on almost every of our clients websites and that can hurt their rankings remarkable. With our SEO optimisation services we find and solve those issues to make the websites of our clients technical perfect!

Content Strategy

The other main part about On-Page Optimisation is content! The goal of a website is to get traffic. How do you get traffic? With showing up in search results. How do you show up in search results? With content on your website that provides users with what they’re looking for.

Therefore high-quality content is the backbone of SEO and necessary to drive users to your website!

We plan the content of our clients to make sure they don’t waste time on creating content, that in the end brings no results. We want to rank our clients pages for keywords that are relevant to their businesses and in the end generate more sales.

You can find more about that on our page about Content Planning.

On-Page SEO Services

We make Site Audits of your website to find technical SEO issues. Afterwards we make sure to fix all these issues. We go through our clients websites and optimise them technically so your websites users, as well as Google, can see that you take care of your website. This results in better rankings and higher conversions!

Things that are included in our On-Page SEO Services:

  • Structuring H1, H2, H3, H4 Tags
  • Fix Multiple or Missing H1 Tags
  • Optimise Permalinks
  • Optimise URL Structure
  • Add and Optimise SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Adjust Keyword Density
  • Fix Sitemaps / Robots.txt
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Optimise Index & NoIndex Settings
  • Add & Optimise Focus Keywords
  • And much more…

Highly Recommended: We suggest to let us make a research of the focus keywords of all your pages. With adding/exchanging the main topics of your pages with keywords that are likely to rank you can increase your traffic remarkable!

If you want to learn more about the basics of SEO check out our Ebook about that here.

Best SEO-Strategy: Mix SEO Optimisation with 5-Star Content!

A good SEO Optimisation is necessary for your website to rank high on Google. This includes On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Business owners, executives and managers know that, so they hire agencies like BlogTec to help them with optimising their websites for search engines.

What they often forget is that SEO optimisation is just one of two parts for ranking a website. The other part is content! Google wants to provide its users with answers to their questions and this, in most cases, is well written content that provides value and information.

The crawlers of Google are highly intelligent and getting smarter every single day, as the smartest people on the planet are working on improving the search results every day. If you want your website to attract visitors long-term, you have to create content on your website, that provides a lot of value to its readers. And this is what we do!

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