How to Get Articles for Your Blog: Here’s What You Need to Know

Inexplicably, many websites still don’t have a blog. Yet, blog articles are the ideal way to convey your company’s expertise, offer your target audience sustainable information with added value and, of course, improve your ranking in search engines. So, not having a blog would be a fatal mistake.

After all, good blog articles not only lead to more visitors on your website and generate more sales — the added value also strengthens your brand in the long term.

Of course, when writing a blog article, quality, SEO-optimized content, the right length and much more is important so that it can show success in the end.

Why Should I Run a Blog?

Actually, the question should rather be “Why do I still not run a blog?” because a blog is a truly easy way to kill many birds with one stone at the same time. These are the birds you can hit:

  • Providing your customers and visitors with good, editorial articles
  • Creating added value through high-quality and well-researched articles
  • Explanation of complex technical contexts that relate to your products
  • Strengthening and expanding your position as an expert in a particular field
  • Strengthening your brand
  • Improving your ranking in search engines and ideally reaching the top ten positions for a given keyword

Many companies still don’t run a blog because they simply lack the resources. They have neither the experience nor the capacity to write blog posts regularly.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: Blogtec and its team of experienced writers and SEO experts can take over the writing of blog articles for you and your company. You can concentrate on your core business and watch your traffic and sales soar.

What Makes a Good Blog Article?

Even if it seems easy at first to write something about your products or special technical specifications, the devil is in the details. After all, the article should not only convey information, but also fulfill the many other purposes and, above all, deliver added value.

The Added Value in Blog Articles

Again and again you hear that a blog article should have an added value. But what does that actually mean? Firstly, it means helping the reader to solve a problem. If, in parallel, you also manage to build a relationship with the reader through good entertainment, that’s even better, of course. 
Added value is also created by emotional content, a nice experience while reading, stimulation to think, etc. Ideally, you will stay in the reader’s mind with your content — they will feel understood, and will be happy to come back.

Write Blog Articles From the Customer’s Point of View

A good blog article is characterized by many other things besides added value. As a writer, you have to put yourself in the customer’s (reader’s) shoes. You have to write from their perspective and show them that you really want to help them and not write a pure advertising text.

The primary goal must be to give the reader exactly the information he is looking for. Of course, you may refer to your products or services in places — but rather as a solution to a problem and not simply for the sake of mentioning it.

Provide Blog Articles With a Good Title

The title alone can determine whether someone will read the post or not. Accordingly, a good blog post has a headline that gets to the heart of the topic and makes you want to read more.

Include the Right Keywords

In a well-written blog article, all relevant keywords are processed in the right number and evenly distributed throughout the text. However, the reader always comes first — SEO and keywords must always be subordinate to the content. At Blogtec, we always write from the customer’s perspective while considering the most important keywords and other SEO criteria.

Write a Blog Post That Is Well-structured

Reading behavior on the internet is entirely different from reading a book. Due to the format, the medium and the many ways to consume the text (PC, tablet, mobile), it should be well-structured.

Headings, subheadings, and a table of contents can be of help here. Short paragraphs and understandable language help to consume the article better. Elements such as tables, lists, images, videos, info boxes, file downloads, etc. loosen the text even further.

Good Blog Content Should Always Include Links

Links serve several purposes. They serve to offer readers further articles (added value), to give structure to the website, and to show Google how content belongs together. In the end, this is also reflected in a better rating by Google. However, links can also lead to external sources to provide further expert knowledge or important sources.

Post Blogs Regularly

Writing a good blog post is one thing, finding the right frequency of publication is another. Anything between one article per month (it shouldn’t be less) and one article per day is fine. It all depends on your resources, your information density (how much meaningful content your services or products can produce), your intentions, your strategy, and your budget.

As soon as there is a change on your site, Google sends its crawlers out to take a closer look. This alone gives your site some relevance. If you now provide quality content, it will, in due time, show up in your organic search rankings.

A Good Blog Post Is Unique

Google doesn’t like duplicate content at all. Someone who just copies content will be penalized by the search engine rather than ranking better. Unique content is the content here.

The fewer text passages you can find from other texts in your blog post, the better. In our internal quality control, we use appropriate tools to ensure uniqueness for the blog articles we write for you.

E-E-A-T Google

No, you are not supposed to eat Google. Rather, this is a ranking factor of the search engine giant. E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) is about quality. Google attaches great importance to this score, which is why in the end only high-quality texts can make it to the top of the search results.

What Is the Ideal Length of a Good Blog Article?

Opinions differ on this question. Some say that it is incredibly important for Google that at least around 1,000 words have been processed in the blog post, others think that 500 are enough. However, everyone seems to agree that a blog post should not contain less than 300 words. But how do these different numbers come about?

Basically, one can establish a connection between longer texts and a better ranking in Google. Whether this is necessarily directly related to length seems questionable, though. However, more keywords and links can be processed in a longer text.

In addition, according to a survey by Ahrefs, it is pointed out that backlinks are set more frequently on longer texts, as these indicate more authority. Of course, blog posts should not be too long either, unless it is a technical article intended for a deeper dive into a topic. So, size does matter after all…

How to Get Shorter Articles with up to 1,000 Words for Your Blog

Depending on your strategy and intentions, shorter blog posts can make perfect sense. If you like to increase the frequency of your publications, it’s probably difficult to write something long and detailed every time. This is where “snackable content” comes in because just like the snack that gives it its name, it’s quick and easy to consume.

Some content doesn’t even yield more — here it would be unfavorable to artificially lengthen a text by using filler words.

Write Longer Blog Texts for More Depth

If you want to deal with a topic in more detail, an article can consist of 1,600, 2,600 or even more words. You show Google a certain relevance and offer your readers a text with much more depth and detailed information.

However, make sure that every word is actually important and that every paragraph conveys information or solves a problem (keyword: added value). If a reader has to slog through 3,000 words and finds out at the end that he is just as wise as before, he will be annoyed and probably never visit your website again.

By the way: A good structure is even more critical for longer blog posts than for short ones, in order not to lose the overview.

Can I Write Blog Articles Myself?

You are certainly a master in your field. You manage a wide variety of things, topics, and processes daily. You definitely know your customers and your products best. But here are some critical questions for you:

  • Do you also have enough time to devote to writing?
  • Are you aware that in addition to just writing, you need to do extensive keyword research and develop a content strategy as well as an editorial plan?
  • Can you decide how long an article needs to be in order to be appropriate for the topic? Do you know when a long article makes sense and when you should rather resort to “snackable content”?
  • Do you know about news, pillar articles, lists, tutorials, and case studies?
  • Do you know how to get articles for your blog that are well written in terms of its structure, headings, paragraphs, and sources?
  • How can you make sure that there aren’t already many other articles on that topic, and that you’ll have to work twice as hard in such a case?
  • Do you know how to create meta descriptions for SEO?
  • Are you confident that your readers will understand you? After all, you have a great advance in knowledge in terms of your products. Can you really put yourself in the mindset of your readers and customers?
  • Do you know what methods and techniques you can use to get more enthusiastic visitors who will end up becoming enthusiastic customers?
  • Do you have knowledge in SEO to write the articles in such a way that they also end up ranking better in search results?

You probably answered with a no to at least five or six of these questions. And with that, you already have the answer to the question of this section…

Get expert advice on how we can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads.

Why Should I Get Articles Written for My Blog?

Let’s briefly remind ourselves why you should run a blog. The purpose of blog content is to provide value to your customers and strengthen your brand in order to ultimately get more visitors to your website and generate more sales.

In doing so, it is of great importance to be found among the millions of websites. Blogs offer this possibility, and Google values excellent articles very positively in order to rise in the ranking.

So, to achieve these goals, you need the best content. You or somebody else needs to write blog articles that meet the exact criteria to move up in the rankings. How to get articles for your blog? Well, professional writers can do that for you. When you buy a blog article from Blogtec, you can be sure of the following:

  • You have more time for your core business.
  • You get high-quality content that is well researched and technically accurate.
  • You don’t have to worry about keywords or a content strategy.
  • You won’t have to worry about sitting in front of a blank page while not being able to think of anything.
  • You get top content for your social media campaigns, which you can derive directly from the texts.
  • You get SEO-optimized blog posts written that really make a difference.
  • You receive a blog topic list and always know exactly what the next topic will be.
  • You get all the data from a detailed website audit if you like, so you can better track improvements later.
  • You will get content tailored to your customers. Maybe your target audience is speaking a foreign language, and you need an SEO translation of your texts. We can help with that too.

If we’ve already convinced you at this point, take a look at our SEO content subscriptions. Maybe this is exactly what you’ve been looking for to finally get started with your blog.

Blogartikel schreiben lassen Laptop

How to Get Articles for Your Blog: These Are Your Options

At Blogtec, you have quite a few options. What they all have in common is our highly experienced writers, SEO team, and quality control by professional editors. For us, content is much more than stringing letters together. We approach it holistically. Let’s look at the options in detail:

1. Booking of Individual Blog Articles

Perhaps you want to try our service first and see how the quality of the texts is. In this case, the booking of individual texts is the right thing for you. You can choose between texts of 200 words, 600 words and 1,000 words. You can also purchase a small package with several texts per month as well as a content plan.

2. Optimization of Existing Content

You already have a blog, but you are not completely satisfied with the content? Is there room for improvement? Then our content optimization service might be interesting for you. You can find services for texts between 600 and 1,800 words. Here, too, you can opt for a package to regularly optimize your existing content.

3. The SEO Content Package

If you want to get started right away, we have the SEO content subscription for you. Here you can also decide between different variants of two to eight articles per month or get an individual offer.

What Does a Blog Article Cost?

Of course, the price for writing a blog post is important for you, too. After all, you have to weigh whether it brings the hoped-for cost-benefit ratio for you and your company. You can get a short blog article of up to 200 words from Blogtec for as little as €35. For an SEO content subscription with four articles per month, content & keyword planning, SEO and quality control, you have to budget €649 per month.

At Blogtec, we value transparency. You can see all prices and always know what to expect. No hidden costs and no emails you have to send to find out a price.

Getting a blog article written is a one-time investment. Afterward, however, that content works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, giving you new customers regularly.

With Blogtec, You Get the Best Blog Articles That Pushes Your Website Forward

Text and SEO agencies are a dime a dozen on the internet. Of course, with this abundance of offers, it is really difficult for you to find out which agency is good, which one is really great and which one is rather average.

Meanwhile, what can we say about us…? Maybe this much: We’ve had the pleasure of completing over 2,000 projects, work with the best writers in the business, and deliver the highest quality at an affordable price. Okay, enough of the understatement… We belong, of course, unquestionably in the middle of the above groups. 😇

So, now it’s up to you to decide — why don’t you make up your mind and start a cooperation with us? We will advise you individually, and you can cancel our services at any time.

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