Content Is King | 4 Effective Ways to Promote Your New Website

You have created your website? Be proud of yourself! Now it’s time to promote it. But what is the best way to do that? Placing ads is the fast, but short-term and cost-intensive way. The sustainable one leads step by step through gaining a high-ranking spot in the organic search results.

In this article, you will learn how to do it. We give you a selection of methods and means to make your own homepage known and how to get found on Google. These can be used individually, or they can be combined. You will receive tangible information directly from our editorial team.

Why It Is Necessary to Promote a Website at All

Don’t visitors just stumble upon a website? The answer to the question is simply: No. Numerous studies prove again and again that hardly any Internet user makes the effort and also does not have the time to use more than at most the first ten search results of Google suggestions. Often it is even less.

The user trusts Google that the most relevant results of his search will appear at the top. Your goal is therefore clear: To get into the top 10 search results. To make your website known mainly through organic search engine optimization, you have to make it attractive for Google on the one hand, and for your potential customers at the same time.

And how does that work exactly?

1st Possibility: Promote Your Website With Blog Posts

To promote your new website, we highly recommend blog posts. With them, you manage to attract visitors via Google search results. On the other hand, people who like your posts have the opportunity to share them on social media channels. This way, you can gradually gain trust with your future community.

Below, we’ll show you how we proceed at Blogtec as a content agency when a client gives us the exciting task: “Please create an article series for my blog!” In doing so, you’ll see which steps are of importance.

Keyword Research

First, you need to find keywords that are most frequently searched by your target audience. You can get this information through a detailed SEO keyword research. When choosing keywords that your website should be ranking for, keep in mind that they not only need a relatively high search volume, but also need to be relevant to your specific niche. You should use professional tools for this. Google, for example, provides its own free keyword planner. Alternative keyword generators are offered by Semrush or Ahrefs, among others.

Determining The Search Intent

Now that the most important keywords have been filtered, our editors set about determining exactly what content Google users expect for a specific search query. Depending on the keyword and industry, one usually divides search intent into informative or sales-oriented. Do-it-yourself tips straight from the carpenter’s workshop? Vegan recipes for runners from a fitness coach? Whatever your target group is looking for – offer it to them! This is not about advertising copy. The focus is on content that adds value, from the customer’s point of view.

Be the Last Website a Customer Visits After Their Google Query

The task is then to connect the customer’s search intention with your appropriate services and put them in direct context. As the saying goes, if your website is the last one an Internet user visits after making a specific inquiry, you’ve satisfied their search intent – and either turned them into a customer already, or at least into a prospect who will come back. Professional niche marketing aims to get to know their visitors very well and tries to shape their whole website experience in a way to convert visitors into customers.

The Writing

In the next step, our writers combine the keywords and the search intent into a personalized SEO article. It is important that the language of the customer is spoken. For this, it is necessary that you know your target group. Are you on first-name terms with them and want to use casual language? Or is a “you” probably better received? Do your services assume that the customer is encountering the topic for the first time, or does he already have in-depth industry knowledge and is looking for an expert on a particular matter?

Trust Is Won With Authenticity

Here, too, it is essential to keep an eye on the search intent. Any questions the customer may have should already be answered in the article. Always remember that trust is best won with authenticity and honesty. Blog posts should be self-researched in any case. Regularly providing new content is the be-all and end-all with blogs. A content plan helps tremendously with this.

Want to learn how to write blog posts yourself? Then our 110% guide “How to write the ideal blog post” will surely interest you!

Promote Website Women Writing Content

2nd Option: Sell Products on Website With Landing Pages

The second way to get your website noticed is by marketing a landing page. At Blogtec, we like to do this for our clients in parallel with writing blog posts. In contrast to your texts in the blog, you can now refer specifically to your products. Present their advantages and encourage them to buy.

Don’t Persuade the Customer – Convince Them

Ideally, the question “Why should I buy here and not somewhere else?” should be answered. It’s best to take a closer look at your competitors’ websites. Does your product honestly have no different features than the competition? Then convince with proximity! Things like accessibility, round-the-clock services, money-back guarantee & Co. still go down well. But don’t sell yourself short in any case, but highlight your expertise at the same time.

Never created a landing page before? No biggie. Take a look at our blog post “How to build a SEO Landing-Page?”. Here we explain how it’s done.

3rd Option: Make Your New Homepage Known With Guest Posts

To gain Google’s trust and increase the ranking of blog posts and landing pages, we also love to publish guest posts for our clients. They equally offer an excellent opportunity to generate backlinks.

Backlinks Are the Secret Stars of Organic Search Engine Marketing

Backlinks are called links that lead from external pages to yours. For example, they point to a specific article published by you. The better known the page from which the link originates is, the better. Because that makes you look like an expert: in the eyes of Google as well as in the eyes of your (future) customers. And it is one of the best ways to promote your website!

You want to go deeper into the topic of backlink building? Our article “Gaining Backlinks: How to win Google’s trust” will give you a good start.

Get expert advice on how we can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads.

4th Option: Network With the Social Media World

We’ve already touched on it: If you’ve built up a relatively good stream of visitors to your website, social media channels can help to promote your site and raise your profile. One of the best current channels for your B2C marketing is Facebook, among others. LinkedIn has also long outgrown its B2B infancy. Videos are particularly popular here, which you can create from popular blog posts on your website.

Activity as a Prerequisite for Successful Social Media Marketing

The prerequisite for any social media participation is: Activity on your part! Social media subscribers are hungry for new content that keeps them updated within your area of interest. The search intentions of your target audience, discussed at the beginning through keyword research, do not stay the same, but are constantly changing and expanding. Therefore, always keep yourself informed and be one step ahead of your customers if possible. This is how you get the coveted likes and shares.


Especially new entrepreneurs often don’t have the financial means to launch big ads campaigns for their new website right at the beginning. With the promotion of your website through organic search engine optimization, this is also not absolutely necessary. And at the same time, it’s the best strategy to push your organic ranking position right from the start. One of the best promotional strategies is to create a landing page and publish blog and guest posts. Prerequisite for sustainable success of all measures are a high activity, timeliness and the search intent of its customers to always keep in mind. What are you waiting for? Start creating your own SEO game plan today.

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