SEO Product Descriptions That Users and Google Will Love

SEO is everywhere. By optimizing your website for search engines such as Google, you increase the chance of being found on Google. More people will find your website on the internet, which is incredibly significant, as every visitor is a potential customer. For this reason, modern companies invest in SEO optimized blog articles. But, what most people forget, is to optimize the individual SEO product descriptions for search engines.

We at BlogTec know this problem and have collected our 5 best tactics to make sure that customers find your products AND love them!

The Customer’s Cycle

Shopping on the internet is becoming more and more popular every year. Every customer goes through a cycle before placing an order.

These are the steps in the buyer’s journey:

  1. Research: First of all, people use the internet to find out about a product that has sparked their interest. Many detailed blog entries or articles dedicated to the topic had been read at this stage.
  2. Comparison: If the customer knows what the product can do, he or she compares similar products to find the best suitable one. In this step, users check comparisons that compare several products.
  3. Purchase: Finally, users search for a product they have read about or that has been recommended to them.

These three steps do not necessarily take place in one day. Many take time to think about it and make several attempts before finally placing the order.

How to Write Optimized SEO Product Descriptions?

Before we explain how to optimize product descriptions, let’s have a quick look at how Google decides the ranking of specific articles

Google’s Search Results of Today

Everyone who’s searching for something on Google these days will usually find the following three types of pages suggested:

  • Product pages
  • Information pages
  • A mixture of both

Depending on the type of the search term, Google’s suggestions change. For the search term “blue t-shirt” for example, Google only suggests product pages.

However, if you search for “how to color a t-shirt blue” the results change. Now, Google will suggest advice pages that explain how to color a t-shirt blue.

Our Experience at BlogTec Shows:

… that more and more search queries are showing product pages.

… that advice sections are important, but that they must add value.

… that the optimization of a product description for the target audience can result in big jumps in Google rankings.

It Does Not Need Much Text

The art of SEO product descriptions is to say a lot with little text. We have selected the top 5 tactics for you to improve your content!

SEO Product Descriptions Text

1. Write for Your Customers, Not for the Algorithm

This rule should be the focus of every website: Write for your customers, not for the algorithm.

In the past, it may have been possible to rank high without valuable content, but those days are gone.

The rule is: If your users are satisfied, Google is satisfied.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Creating a SEO Product Description:

  • Does this information help my customer?
  • Where is the product creating value for the customer?
  • Where can the features of my product help the customer in everyday life?

When creating a product description it is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. The best way to write authentic SEO product descriptions is therefore the following…

Be Personal

Don’t just show your great new features, but explain to the customer how he or she can benefit from them.

Be personal and give the customer background information. Link to other sites that tell more about your company.

Create trust and show your customers how your product can help them directly.

2. UX Signals – Google’s New Ranking Factor

Another factor influencing the rankings are the UX signals.

Google measures the time a user spends on your site. The longer they stay and the more interactions they have with your site, the better.

Sites with a short interaction rate lose Google’s trust and their rankings drop.

This Way You Keep Visitors Longer on Your Website:

  • Use high-quality images for a professional impression.
  • Write in many paragraphs to avoid overwhelming the user with a wall of text.
  • Link to other important articles on your website.
  • Use photos, videos and bullet points to break up the text and make it legible.

3. Choose the Right Keyword for the SEO Product Description

The right keyword is still one of the most important elements when it comes to SEO.

You can have the greatest product and write super user-friendly texts, but as long as Google cannot match them to a search query, they won’t have good rankings.

This is where the right keyword comes into play.

Finding the Right Keyword

To find the right keywords two important points must be combined.

  1. The search intent must be met.
  2. The competition shouldn’t be too high.

Once you have found what your customers are looking for, you can include the keywords into your product title and description in a creative and SEO-optimized way.

Keyword Tools We Use at BlogTec

We at BlogTec use tools like Ahrefs and SurferSEO for our keyword and SEO analysis:

Ahrefs helps us to find keywords for certain topics to create a list of possible keywords.

blue shirt ahrefs results

It also shows us how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword.

We use SurferSEO to check written texts for their search engine optimization. The content editor shows us which keywords we should use for our text.

blue shirt surfer seo

Where your keyword should definitely appear:

  • Once in the URL of the page
  • Once in the product title
  • Several times in the product description
  • At least once in the alt-texts

4. Unique Product Description for Each Individual Product

Products are the heart of most companies. Usually, there are many of them. Many make it easy for themselves and use the same product description for each individual product.

Attention: This can lead to serious problems with search engines.

The Google Algorithm can not distinguish content that is very similar. It is difficult to assign the different products to individual search queries. As a result, the product pages don’t rank as good as they could.

Unique SEO Product Descriptions

The solution is to provide each product with a unique product description.

This is not only nice for Google but also for the user.

The customer wants to know where the differences of the products are and what value they create.

5. Ranking At Position 0 on Google with SEO Product Descriptions

The goal of every website is to rank on top of the search results.

Most users click on one of the first three websites that Google suggests to them. The further down you are in the search suggestions, the less traffic you get.

There is a common joke among copywriters:

“If you want to hide something forever, place it on the second page of Google.”

A trick to avoid the big competition is to rank on position 0 on Google.

Google Snippets

Google does not only list the lined up URLs for a search query, like here:

Blue Shirt Results

But also so-called Snippets:

blue shirt google snippet

Most of the time these Google Snippets consist of similar questions or pictures. Google tries to answer your query before you even click on a link in the search results.

You can easily include and answer these questions in the product descriptions. If you use high-quality pictures they might get listed as well!

Even if you don’t end up directly at position 0 on Google, your users will appreciate it.

SEO Product Descriptions That Users and Google Will Love – Conclusion

Product descriptions are an easy way to increase the sales of your product. The most important thing is to write in the interest of the user.

The rule is: If your customers like it, then Google will like it too.

At BlogTec, we’re experts in creating content that is both user-friendly and compatible with the Google algorithm.

If you want to take your company to the next level of online marketing, feel free to reach out via our contact form.

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