Guide to Website Content Creation: Services & SEO Tips

Do you want to jumpstart your business with a shining website content strategy? Or are you still researching the question of what is meant today by “high-quality content creation”?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll explain website content creation and tell you how a content marketing game plan looks like. In simple terms; what makes good content for websites, why SEO is so important, and how to increase conversion!

What Does Content Creation Mean In Our Age?

Every day, a whole mass of content reaches us. It’s not just service descriptions or blog articles that are content, it’s also the how-to video you cursed over the weekend while building your garden shed or the Facebook post you liked earlier.

And what happens when the content you see excites you? That’s right, you stay on the site or come back, leave a Like and tell your friends about it. And if you’re looking for a product or service that the content creator offers, chances are you’ll use it sooner or later.

Content can do many things: entertain, inform, help, and persuade. And in the best case, all of them together. It is the heart of a website. If you do a lot of things right when creating it, you can generate new customers virtually in your sleep. Provided that your content is optimized for search engines like Google. At Blogtec, we pride ourselves on creating SEO Content for our clients that are listed at the top of search results. We’ll explain how that works in a moment.

Content Marketing: Why Texts Are the Key to Success

Consumers have become more independent. It’s not that advertising no longer works. But authenticity and honesty is something that cannot be bought. Consumers want to feel they make their own informed decisions. And only high-quality, targeted content can achieve that.

With texts specifically targeted to your audience, you don’t just generate short-term attention to an offer, but at best develop a relationship with your customer, building their trust in your knowledge and information.

Content writing and marketing works. We’ve seen the evidence and are convinced. Would you like to see some concrete Case Studies?

Website Content Creation

Example: Meeting the Voice of the Reader

Imagine you’re looking for a dentist. On the first website you click on, you’re presented with a detailed description of a root canal treatment, with pictures. On the second website, an image of the practice team smiling warmly at you. You also find a brief description of all their services via the clear navigation menu and have the option of booking an appointment online.

Unless you’re a medical student, you’ll probably be put off by the first website. After all, you don’t want the process to be described so precisely, you just want to get rid of your toothache as quickly as possible without studying the entire procedure.

This example aptly describes what content creation for websites is all about: firstly, it’s about addressing the right prospects. The advantage here is that you can decide for yourself the type of customer you want to attract. And secondly, that you offer your website visitors the solution they are looking for.

SEO of Content for Websites

We’ll admit, there’s a catch to all of this. Without a bit of marketing magic, even the best storyteller won’t get anywhere.

This is because the Internet provides such a vast amount of information, that it’s difficult to navigate through it all. Anyone who has ever made a search query on the Internet knows this.

Google, which handles 94% of all search queries, knows this too. And pre-sorts for the users. An algorithm specially developed by the search engine giant examines exactly how a company website answers the specific search queries of users. The results are then listed accordingly in order of priority.

Consequently, the higher links appear in the ranking, the more often they are clicked. So, the question is, how do you manage to get into the top 10 of your target group ranking if possible, without necessarily having to buy advertising?

And that’s where SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, comes in. With the help of the systematic inclusion of search terms and with meeting the search intent, you can skillfully increase your chances of an optimal search engine placement. If you want more detailed information about SEO practices, have a look around or blog, or simply book one of our services and see the magic happen.

Create Call-to-Actions With Good Content

Good content creation for websites takes one thing above all: time. And as an website owner, you won’t spend all your time entertaining your target audience; which is the main goal here. No, of course you want to generate more sales in the long term. Whether this is done by selling products directly via your website or by having interested parties visit you on-site is of secondary importance.

The central path to your goal is the same in both cases: You must encourage your potential customers to become active themselves. The trick is that visitors to your website are already interested in your subject area anyway. This is where you should utilize your website content and online marketing for your advantage.

The buzz term “call-to-action” describes nothing more than giving the interested party the opportunity to easily interact with you. Essentially, encouraging your potential customer to take action towards a purchase. This could be a button that allows them to send a message to your team, a link that navigates them directly to your main business page, or simply pointing them to your telephone number. The more options you include and the easier it is to get in touch, the better.

Get expert advice on how we can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads.

How Do I Create Quality Content for My Website?

Okay, now let’s cut to the chase. Here are concrete tips on how to write good content for websites:

Set Content Goals

Be clear about what you want to achieve with new or optimized content for your website. What is your website content strategy? Is it initially just more website traffic, or do you specifically want more product sales?

Define Your Target Audience

Who exactly do you want your customers to be? “Women 30+” is not detailed enough. Define a “desired persona” and discuss where they hang out, what characteristics, hobbies, desires or problems they have. The more specific you are, the better you can personalize the content for your website and make individuals feel directly catered for.

Do a Keyword Research and Use the Results

We already mentioned this. For your optimal Google ranking and also to reach your target audience, your content has to be adapted to the expectations of the search engine. To do this, you need to find the right keywords that your users are also searching for.

Choose the Right Website Content Strategy

If you know your customers, research exactly what kind of content they consume. Are you more likely to win them over with videos, landing pages or blog posts? And in what way do they want to be addressed?

Pay Attention to the “Buyer’s Journey” When Creating Content

Before a customer buys a product, they typically go through three different phases. In the first, they have a wish or a problem; in the second, they discuss possible solutions; and in the third, they decide on one of the solutions. Your task: the content for your website should cover all three phases.

Analyze and Optimize Your Website Continuously

Keep your website up to date and continuously generate new content. For optimization, you also need concrete numbers. At the very least, look at page views and how many of them were generated by Google queries. Tools like Google Analytics should be gradually integrated into your website.

How Much Will Website Content Creation Cost Me With an Agency?

Different agencies, different prices. We make no secret of our website content prices and also offer affordable SEO Content Subscriptions.

If you feel like working with us on your website content creation, you can now easily book our website content writing service in our app. Either we find the topics for you or we create SEO texts around your specifications. Send us a message if you’re still unsure, and we can develop the right strategy together!

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