Content Planning

Proper website content planning is based on a detailed keyword strategy and determines how successful content is perceived by search engines.

Find Out What Excites Your Target Group

Not all content is the same. Many companies create content that is not relevant to their target audience and as a result have no discernible results. We want to create texts that offer your users a high added value and demonstrably increase organic traffic to your website.

The key here is keyword research. We find out what your target audience is looking for and which keywords are relevant for your users. Within that process one factor plays an essential role for us:

The Perfect Search Volume!

We use keywords that have a high search volume on the Internet. At the same time, the search volume shouldn’t be too massive, otherwise you are having the risk of drowning in the flood of new content.

We work with a variety of highly specialized tools that allow us to filter the right keywords for you. Together with high-quality SEO content, these keywords help you to rank at the top of the search results and increase your website traffic permanently.

Be One Step Ahead of Your Competition

Within the keyword analysis we keep a close eye on your competitors. Our professional tools allow us to recognize which topics have a high potential for your company. This allows us to develop an individual content strategy for you, which will enable you to be found much better and faster than your competitors in search queries.

Individual Content Planning

To permanently increase traffic on your website, there is one essential strategy. If you regularly publish high-quality SEO content on your site, Google & Co will classify it as relevant and rank it higher.

We do this work for you. Based on your needs, we create an individual content plan for several months. This allows us to provide fresh content at regular intervals, which offers a high added value for your users and generates more traffic to your website.

Within our monthly subscriptions, we can even integrate the content into your WordPress blog for free. All there is left for you to do is to lay back and relax and see how your website traffic is increasing. Due to our regular SEO reports, you will be updated regularly.

Increase Your Traffic Permanently

To permanently increase your traffic, SEO content is only one of three important strategies. The technical optimization of your website is just as important as building backlinks.

Search engines are highly intelligent nowadays and are getting smarter day by day. So if you want your website to generate more website visitors in the long term, it’s advisable to optimize your website in all SEO areas.

Content Plan

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