SEO Content Optimization – As Individual As Your Text

Many websites already have good blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages. Often this content is well written, but not optimized for search engines. Due to the lack of optimization, the pages don’t rank well on Google & Co and are missing out on potential traffic.

We Get the Best Out of Your Content

It isn’t always necessary to create new content to achieve better SEO results. Often an optimization of the existing content is sufficient to generate more traffic in the short to mid-term. This involves integrating selected keywords, which allows the articles to rank better and get found by more potential customers.

SEO Content Optimization with Keyword Research

After we receive your existing texts, our SEO experts research the best keywords for each topic. We recommend 1 main keyword and 3-5 sub keywords per article, which are then integrated into the article.If a list of keywords already exists, desired keywords can also be specified and then implemented into the text.

Longer Articles = Better Search Engine Ranking

When optimizing the texts, we are guided by the text length that your previous articles already have. Our experience has shown that existing texts are often too short to achieve the best possible results.

The texts of the competition are usually longer and as a consequence, Google & Co rank your articles lower.

Therefore, our recommendation is to publish articles with a minimum length of 1,200 words to have a better ranking in the future. To achieve this text length even with shorter articles, we offer the optional service of additional content writing.

After our processing, the texts are not only keyword-optimized, but also have an article length that makes them competitive.

Increase Your Traffic Permanently

To permanently increase your traffic, the SEO optimization of your content is only one of three important pillars. The technical optimization of your website plays just as important a role as building backlinks.

The major search engines are highly intelligent and are getting smarter every day. So if you want to generate more website visitors with your website in the long run, it’s advisable to create high-quality SEO content and link building.

For this, we offer affordable and flexible SEO & content subscriptions that provide you with fresh content on a regular basis.

SEO Content Optimization

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