Blogtec raises investment round led by Sofokus Ventures

Our vision at Blogtec is to make SEO simple. 70% of companies are unhappy with their current SEO provider, and this is what we’re going to change!

We’re Thrilled to Announce Our Investment Round

To get closer to our vision, we now raised our first investment round by Sofokus Ventures and a group of awesome angel investors! However, this round was not just about accessing additional capital, but to bring more expertise in different fields into our company. Our investors have different backgrounds from Finances, Product Development, and Marketing, to help us to professionalize our platform and company processes further.

About Sofokus Ventures

Sofokus Group’s Venture Capital investment company actively invests in early-stage digital heart startups that are customer or ecosystem-driven. Their background of more than 20 years in digital business development sets them apart from most investment companies.

We’re happy that we found a business partner who believed in us and our vision already in the early days and supported us in structuring and completing this investment round.

What’s Next?

In the next year, we will launch our new application for professionals, our new AI-based system to match projects with professionals even more efficiently, major improvements to our application for companies, and what I’m the most excited about, we will launch entirely new products. We also plan to launch significantly more languages to expand our SEO translation service and find new markets.

I couldn’t be more exciting for all the projects that are planned for 2023, and I’m grateful to be able to tackle them with an outstanding team of employees and advisors!

Cheers to the exciting things that are coming for us,

Manuel Brandt
Founder & CEO

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