Find Freelance Writing Jobs: 3 Simple Steps

Dreaming of how to earn money with writing? Do you like the idea of getting paid for writing blog posts, articles, or landing pages? Then read on. Because in this blog article, we’ll explain not only what opportunities are out there, but also how to find freelance writing jobs. Plus, you’ll learn more about the opportunities here at BlogTec – because we’re currently looking for new writing talent!

Which Type of Online Writing Job Is Best for You?

“Online writing jobs”, I can clearly remember the days when this was my most searched query on Google. Getting search results was not the problem, it was the various job titles that confused me at first. So, who does what?

Here’s a quick rundown of the different types of the paid freelance writing jobs you’ll find online, which I’m sure you’ve come across already in your search:


As a blogger, you either write blog posts for a company website or your own. Blogging is an opportunity to earn really good money. But to do it successfully is not quite as easy as it sounds.

Why? Well, first you need to create a home for the blog. But this is not the difficult part as there are now many tools that make building a website easy as pie. The harder part is the need to deliver niche content consistently, at least once or twice a week – and damn good content writing at that. Your blog posts need to engage, inform and educate the reader.

Beyond that, you also need to understand related aspects of digital marketing. Terms like SEO keyword research or SEO content optimization should not be foreign to you. People need to be able to find the blog in the first place, so online visibility is key. This means your blog content needs to always rank as high as possible in search engines. In reality, you will be even busier with this aspect than with the writing itself.

If you can do that and have the necessary stamina, it’s really fun!

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Copywriter

As a copywriter, you’re able to write crisp, sales-boosting content. In most cases, this involves advertising intended to bring potential customers to your client’s website. For example, this could be through Google Ads, but also flyers, other digital advertising material and website content.

If you can write copy that persuades others to take action, make a purchase, or sign up for an email newsletter, then this is your niche! If you have experience as a copywriter offline or in “real life”, then you’re likely the best fit. However, most companies have no problem giving those with talent a chance, so career changers don’t. Building a network by attending online conferences or meet-ups can be worth its weight in gold, especially in this job.


Would you rather make your money writing books or e-books? Then ghostwriting could be something for you. Despite the spooky name, ghostwriting is nothing to be scared of. The term is nothing more than a description of the role – to write texts that are then published under another name. If you don’t mind the fact your name is not associated with your writing, or you even like the anonymity, then go for it!

It’s important to be a flexible writer because the texts can cover a huge range of topics. Furthermore, you should consult with your client to know exactly what they expect from your work.

Other Ways to Earn Money with Writing Online

There are several more ideas on how to get paid for writing. For example, many retail, legal or financial firms need client guides or other content written for them, meaning there are freelance writing projects available if you already know a lot about a certain field. Take your knowledge from previous experience and let companies or agencies know about your expertise – this could be your writing niche!

If you can speak a foreign language fluently, website localization could be an opportunity for you. Here you not only translate texts but also rewrite them so that they are compatible for the market with the language you have translated into.

You can also make money by writing reviews. Often this job goes hand in hand with a product tester job.

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs: 3 of The Best Websites

Now you know about the different online writing jobs out there. You may even have searched the usual places looking for one, but it can be difficult to know how to find freelance writing jobs on the likes of LinkedIn. So where to find all those reputable jobs we’ve been preaching about so much? Here are the three best sites to find freelance writing jobs right now:

1. Fiverr

We’ll mention Fiverr first because the portal likes its title as the number one site for copywriters. Not without reason, because the concept is really good in our opinion. Not only can you advertise your services here, but you can offer a complete package of your services.

Finding clients is easy and the order book is consistently good (to our knowledge). The verification process is perhaps a bit more cumbersome than on other sites. However, we attribute that to a more responsible approach to privacy.


The platform Upwork originally comes from the US. Several freelancers and even more potential clients are registered here. You can choose between individuals, start-ups, and even large agencies that are constantly looking for writers for a wide variety of projects.

In the beginning, you’ll need to buy “credits” to get in touch with the companies or clients advertising the job listing. Once you’ve been using Upwork for a while, you’ll have earned credits for accepted interviews and other uses of the platform. Companies can also send you a request for your services, so you can gain new clients in this way too.

The aspects we like best about the platform are the filtering options when searching, the ability to create a detailed profile, and finally, the reviews section which makes life easier for both sides to identify the good from the bad.


Freelancer was also founded in the United States. Their concept is similar to that of Upwork. For clients, there is also a recommendation system, within which relevant freelancers are suggested to you based on their reviews.

The variety of topics is vast, from marketing content to software development. You’ll do well here if you are open to new things or already have a niche topic you can write about.

The difference between Freelancer and other freelance job portals is that you will find more writing jobs for the English language on this one. So if you speak English fluently, it is a good alternative to the other portals.

Writing at BlogTec: Our Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

While the portals we’ve just mentioned are great to find paid online writing jobs, taking on multiple clients means being prepared to adapt your processes to meet the preferences of each one. At BlogTec we work according to our tried and tested method, so you’ll only have to master one!

Here is a brief summary of our working process for content writers.

Determining Your Niche

The first step is to test your skills by writing some samples. If we are satisfied, we’ll invite you to join our team, within which you can define your niches, areas of expertise and availability.

Your Project

As soon as a project comes up that matches your talents, we’ll assign you to your first client. Ideally, you’ll write regularly for the same client, growing with the project.

The Briefing

For each piece of content, you will receive a briefing from us, in which customer information, keywords, and search intent are defined. The briefing is created by an editor who knows the customer and knows what’s important. Our editors place great emphasis on ensuring that all our texts can achieve the highest possible search engine rankings.

Writer & Editor [Cooperation]

With us, you’ll always have an editor by your side who can support you. When you have written a text, the editor will give you feedback. Our editors are experts in what’s essential for writing online and for SEO, so they can help you to understand the guidelines.

Super straightforward, right? And on top of that, you can work with us from wherever you want. Let’s go, we’re looking forward to your application!

This Is the Future of Freelance Writing Online

For those of you looking to find freelance writing jobs with a forward thinking approach, a unique opportunity is waiting for you here. We at BlogTec are growing fast and need support for our new exciting projects!

Our vision is to train our writers to be editors for the long term, growing with the company and developing our products. We want to set standards in online content writing quality and that can only happen with dedicated copywriters.

From SEO text generators to modern optimization tools, we are convinced that machines will play an important role in the text creation of the future. Artificial intelligence can already create texts automatically and reduce working time.

But again, a machine is only as good as the person operating it. That’s why we need you!

With us you will learn what it takes to write texts that are not only optimized for search engines but are also reader-friendly and convert prospects into customers.

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