My Life in Japan as A Content Writer and English Teacher

I have been living and working full-time as an English instructor in Tokyo since 2015. I started content writing and SEO translations in 2019 to provide more variety in my professional life. Writing the articles enables me to research new issues and continuously broaden my horizon.

How My Collaboration with Blogtec Started

I discovered Blogtec on UpWork about two years ago when Manuel, our CEO, asked me to proofread a text. Right from the start the cooperation was professional and communication always ran smoothly. I was quickly assigned more texts, not only for proofreading but also for writing them myself.

Before working with Blogtec, I only occasionally took on projects in the field of content writing, so I still had a lot to learn. Since the Blogtec team is always available for questions, the quality of my blog posts improved quickly. In 2021 I decided to exclusively write articles for Blogtec because working there is the most fun and I get along really well with the other team members.

Why I Chose Japan as My Place of Work

I first visited Japan as an exchange student 12 years ago. I studied at a Japanese university for a year to improve my language skills and get to know the culture of the country. After graduating, I went to England to do my master’s degree and at that point I already knew that I wanted to fly back to Japan and live there.

Working at an English school is a popular choice for many foreigners in Japan because of the flexibility of the job and the opportunity to visit family in your home country. Although life in Tokyo can be hectic, I never regretted my decision to move to Japan. Flexibility is an important requirement for me and working as a content writer at Blogtec allows me to accept as many projects as I want and also to determine my own schedule.

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How I Write Articles

Every week I get assigned new SEO texts that I can view on Asana. These are used either as blog posts, product descriptions, advertising texts or press releases. The briefing is prepared by the team in as much detail as possible and even the sources, keywords and a possible structure of the texts are provided to me. After reading the briefing, the research begins. As soon as I have all the necessary information together, the writing process starts.

The texts can cover a wide variety of topics, such as travel, jewelry, bedding or fitness. The writers, to which I belong, are assigned to a specific project at Blogtec and work on creating new texts on a weekly basis. Due to the variety of topics, writing never gets boring and I deal with new topics regularly. This aspect is just one of the many benefits I enjoy as a content writer.

After writing the text, it goes on to the editors. They check whether the text meets the customer’s requirements and what can be improved. After submitting my text, I get insightful feedback from the editors to take the quality of my articles to the next level. I am very grateful for this feedback, because it contains many helpful tips that will benefit me in the future.

Time Management as A Content Writer

For me, a day at the English school starts at seven o’clock, which is why I get up at half past five every morning. After my lessons, I start writing the texts either at home or in a café. Since the briefing already contains an incredible amount of information, I don’t need much time for writing articles and researching content myself.

The Blogtec team informs me of the project deadlines in a timely manner and I can organize my working day efficiently. If there is an overlap in the schedule, the members can always be reached at any time and the problem is solved immediately. I have never had any problems with communication and appreciate the quick replies from the bottom of my heart.

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