These Are the 5 Best Textbroker Alternatives

When looking for authors to write texts of any kind, you will probably quickly come across the website Textbroker, which is one of the largest and best-known text agencies.

Nevertheless, there are interesting alternatives that you should definitely take a look at. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the most important Textbroker alternatives.

Let’s take a look at what Textbroker is, what experience writers have had with Textbroker, and what alternatives there are. In doing so, we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each service.

What Is Textbroker, and How Does It Work?

With around 10 million text orders, is one of the largest text exchanges. Here, clients can search for copywriters and network. There are three different order types, which are:

  • OpenOrder
  • DirectOrder
  • TeamOrder

Depending on the type of order, you can select different quality and thus price levels. Many thousands of authors on the platform can be booked at fixed prices. With the OpenOrder, you only specify a price level, with the DirectOrder, you contact a specific author, and with the TeamOrder, you work with a selected pool of copywriters.

Textbroker Prices and Deductions

As a client, you can choose between three different types of cooperation. Within these models, the desired price level, with the accompanying quality level, can then be selected. In the following, we would like to take a look at how much a client has to pay and how much a copywriter receives. The difference is due to the commission that Textbroker retains for its services:

Quality levelClient paysAuthor receivesCommission for Textbroker
⭐⭐⭐2.3 cents1.1 cents52%
⭐⭐⭐⭐3.2 cents1.6 cents50%
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐9.0 cents5.5 cents39%
Source: and (as of 02/2023)

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How It Works

At the beginning, an author is classified into a quality level. Over time and with successfully completed orders, each author can work their way up. The better the quality, the higher the remuneration.

Probably the most common form of collaboration is the OpenOrder. Here, clients place an order in the portal, which the authors can then accept. After acceptance, the text is written and sent to the client. After the client’s approval, the author receives the payment. The commission of the operating company, the Sario Marketing GmbH from Mainz, amounts thereby to up to 52%.

Why should you write with Textbroker?

A copywriter who just started his career on, you often receive 1.1 cents per word. Of course, as a writer in such a case, you will be anxious to write as many words as possible in the shortest possible time. It is all too understandable that creativity and motivation for excellent texts could suffer in the process.

Of course, the agency provides work in the first place, which you might not have otherwise as a small freelancer.

However, we would like to present you with textbroker alternatives so that you can make your own decision. Below you will find alternatives where you can also buy SEO content.

Textbroker Alternative Earn Money

What Alternatives Exist? We Compared These 5 Text Brokers

Good copywriters put themselves in their client’s shoes — it is important to them to offer the reader added value and to bring the client more sales or leads. Good copywriters focus on the target group and the client in terms of style, choice of words and content. They create content that is worth reading. But for this, they must be appropriately remunerated.

Therefore, we will only show you alternatives below that ensure this. You have probably heard of the old saying “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”, which fits wonderfully here.

Textbroker Alternative 1: — Also Retains High Commissions

On the German website, one finds approximately 6,500 authors, from which the client can choose one and commission his text. Texts of all types and lengths are possible, e.g., blog articles, entire books and translations. A special feature is the connection to Adobe Stock photos. Here, images matching to the text can be found and integrated. also works with a price plan according to quality levels and different types of cooperation. As an example, we show the costs for the client and the earning potential for the author for an OpenOrder below:

Quality levelThe client paysThe author receivesCommission for
⭐⭐⭐2.2 cents1.2 cents47%
⭐⭐⭐⭐3.0 cents1.6 cents47%
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐8.0 cents5.0 cents38%
Source: and (as of 02/2023).

Advantages and Disadvantages of

For the client• Selection of different models and quality levels
• Over 6,500 authors can be chosen
• Easy integration of images
• Plagiarism check
• Due to the commissions, the writers may not put their best effort into the content writing
For the author• Many orders are placed here• Up to 47% commission is retained by the agency

Textbroker Alternative 2: — Clients Search for Freelancers Themselves

All kinds of jobs can be placed on — from copywriters and graphic designers to programmers and social media managers, you can find almost anything here. What’s more, the portal is global in scope and has around 3 million freelancers working for over 4 million active clients.

On, the client has to pick a freelancer or an offer, get in touch with the author and trigger an order. As a client, posting their job to a list for freelancers to apply to is not possible here. All freelancers set their prices themselves and pay the agency a fixed commission of 20%. Offers are available from 5 dollars for a text of 500 words, resulting in 1 cent per word.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

For the client• Huge selection of freelancers
• Entire projects with copywriters, graphic designers and marketing can be realized
• As a client, you have to look for suitable offers and freelancers yourself
• No proofreading
For the author• Considerable volume of clients
• Any kind of remote work can be offered here
• The portal keeps only 20% commission
• As a freelancer, you have millions of competitors
• Especially at the beginning, it is difficult to stand out from other offers

Textbroker Alternative 3: — Free Job Portal for Copywriters

The German website works somewhat differently than the two alternatives presented so far. Here, one can adjust its offer as Freelancer completely free of charge. For clients, the use of the website is free as well. Only if you want to stand out as a freelancer, you have to book a premium ad, which is always found higher up in the search results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

For the client• Large selection of freelancers
• Clear search according to many criteria
• No checking of texts and freelancers
• No quality control
• No contact person in case of disputes
For the author• No retained commission
• Wide range of clients
• The better your marketing, the greater the chances of success
• No contact person in case of disputes
• No secured payment processing

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Textbroker Alternative 4: — Buy Ready-made Texts

The website works differently than the above alternatives. Here you can buy finished texts, which can be found via various search functions. A distinction is made between normal texts (texts that have already been published and sold several times) and exclusive texts (unique, previously unpublished content).

A price is suggested to the author based on the exclusivity, the topic, and the number of words. However, the author can still adjust the price downwards when adding the text. The text is then offered to all registered clients. There are about 30,000 texts from different categories available.

The price structure or payment of the authors is a little complex and consists of several stages. First, a base price of 1.5 cents is applied. In the first stage, the category of the text is considered. For a simple, exclusive text, a premium of 1.5 cents is applied; for a medical or scientific text, 5.5 cents. In addition, depending on the rating, the author receives a surcharge of up to 50% on the base prices. If the text is not exclusive, however, there is only 1/10 of these amounts as remuneration. In addition, the operator retains 28.5% commission.

The agency uses an integrated plagiarism search to ensure that exclusive texts are nowhere to be found on the Internet. However, there is no correction or proofreading of the texts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

For the client• Very large selection of already written texts
• Large selection of categories and topics
• Plagiarism check
• No proofreading
• Texts are not individually tailored to the exact needs
For the author• High volume of clients
• Already written texts can be sold again
• Low payment per word

Textbroker Alternative 5: Blogtec — Premium Services at a Low Price

Blogtec sees itself as a partner of its clients as well as a partner of its authors. Here, the quality of the texts is always the top priority. There are no quality levels for authors, as only the best are engaged. In addition, there is a proofreading service, an experienced SEO team and the company’s own particularly high values.

Blogtec for Companies and Clients

With Blogtec as your SEO partner, after a detailed briefing, you will receive SEO-optimized texts of any kind, tailored exactly to you and your needs — either as a single text or in a monthly subscription — guaranteed plagiarism-free and unique. Blogtec selects the most suitable authors for your project and offers all services at a transparent fixed price.

Blogtec for Authors

As an author, you are in good hands with Blogtec. You will receive an exact briefing, which was created by a professional editor, general guidelines and everything you need to write the text. Communication is always open and team-oriented. After you have written a text, an editor checks the uniqueness, keywords, grammar, and spelling before the text is sent to the client. Through this, you will always get valuable feedback that will help you in the future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogtec

For the client• Single texts or monthly subscription
• Editors check each text for keywords, uniqueness, and possible mistakes
• Cooperation only with the best copywriters
• 100% reliable deadlines
• No e-books or other longer texts can be booked
For the author• Reliable and fast paying partner
• Regular receipt of ordersPrecise specifications for the texts with sources
• Fair payment, transparent pricing system
• Orders must always be delivered on time

Blogtec Stands for Top Performance, Fair Treatment and Low Prices

At Blogtec, the clients are naturally at the top of the list, but so are the authors because the company has recognized that without them, of course, it could not accept any orders. Only in interaction does the entire system work. Satisfied clients ensure turnover, satisfied freelancers ensure sufficient resources — both lead to flourishing business at Blogtec.

As a text broker alternative, the company has already been able to make a name for itself for many years and has been allowed to work for clients such as Transferwise, recruitee or Focus magazine. This testifies to the high quality of the work of the entire team.

When it comes to SEO content, SEO translations, content optimization or even an SEO audit, the experts from Blogtec are waiting in the wings. It’s best to book a no-obligation consultation or our content subscription right away. For only €349 per month, you get up to two SEO texts as well as a content and keyword plan incl. quality control by editors & SEO experts.

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