AI Text Generator Review: 3 Tools for Automated Content Creation

Artificial intelligent systems that create texts in seconds? Top positions in Google rankings without a human author having to lift a finger? We had to know more, so we did the research.

In this blog article, we’re going “Back to the Future”. You’ll learn what an AI text generator is, how such an AI tool works and last but not least, we’ll introduce you to three of the best AI text generators for SEO content.

What Is an AI Text Generator?

An AI text generator is software for automated content creation. Today’s programs are based on language processing models that use Deep Learning to search the vast corners of the Internet for content and then create their own based on what they’ve learned.

As a user, you feed the artificial intelligence writer with information and expectations for your text. By telling the machine relevant keywords, it can even optimize the content for search engines.

How Is Automated Text Creation Possible?

Do you want artificial intelligence to write text for you? This is how the automated article writing software works:

  • First, you give the AI some input. If you want to create a blog post you can specify a title, a description and important keywords.
  • Based you your input, the AI scans the internet for related content.
  • Using probability calculation, the AI Writer generates entirely new and unique sentences. By telling the AI which content fits your purpose, you train the algorithm to work in your way. The clearer your commands are, the better the outcome.

It gets really exciting with AI text generators that are programmed in such a way, that they even understand how human authors conduct their research. Using social networks as a source of information!

AI Text Generator

Gpt-3: The Basis for Artificial Intelligence

Now let’s move on to the real intelligence beast on the market: the GPT-3 language processing model. This AI version comes from the previously non-profit organization Open AI and caused quite a stir when it was launched in mid-2020.

Not without reason because once again GPT-3 set a decisive milestone in AI content generation: The Open AI text generator has 100x more parameters than previously established.

The AI text generator GPT-3 is capable of independent learning or “Deep Learning”, a term you’ve probably heard of before. It’s even able to understand the certain mood of an article based on NLP (Natural Language Processing). Using this to replicate a mood or even create the feel of a new one.

This AI version can write just about everything from a journalistic article to interviews, poems – and in such a way that it’s almost impossible to distinguish the result from content written by a human. The British newspaper “The Guardian” has already published articles written exclusively with GPT-3.

Attention: Even AI Text Generator Gpt-3 Does Need Human Control

A shortcoming of some GPT-3 systems is that their imaginations sometimes get the better of them by writing beyond the topic or even making up content. Prejudices or swear words can also find their way into the texts, as the article generator systems take their cue from everything that can be found on the Internet.

Well, even machines make mistakes, so a final check via a human editor is important here too!

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What Makes SEO Content?

Machines are getting better at writing texts in a natural, human way. As marketing experts, we are particularly interested in whether artificial intelligence can also write content that is optimized for search engines. To achieve this, let’s take a look at what constitutes SEO Content in the first place.

1. Content Must Be Optimized for Keywords

SEO content is characterized by the fact that it’s optimized for specific search queries. During a keyword research, you find those search queries which your target audience is looking for. The chosen keywords must be the focus point of the created content.

2. The Search Intention Must Be Met

Simply placing keywords in a text is not enough. At the same time, the content of the article must match the search intention. Only content that answer all the searcher’s important questions and strike a chord with the readership have a chance of achieving a good search engine ranking.

These are the two basic requirements that every SEO text must meet. In detail, there are more steps to consider. If you want to know more about how we write SEO texts at Blogtec, we have summarized the whole thing in a guide for you to read.

How Good Are the AI Text Generators on the Market?

Especially in the last year, lots of automated article writing software has been released online. From the questionable and free AI text generators to award-worthy flagship models, everything is now available. We’ve tested the best of them and summarized the results for you.

First of all: None of the programs can be fully successful without the support of a human editor. On certain occasions, we found sentences hidden in the texts that created a phenomenal reaction when read aloud in the office, but which shouldn’t necessarily be made public…

Nevertheless, some tools positively surprised us during our research. If you know how to use them, they can be a great addition. But enough beating around the bush – here are a few that, we think, have delivered the best results so far: (Review) was the first company that knew how to utilize the GPT-3 version properly. You’ve probably heard of them too because it was in the wake of their release that the huge hype around the whole topic of automated article writing software first emerged. If you are using an AI Text Generator with SEO for the first time, this program is a good place to start.

This AI Text Generator works not only in English but also in German. And it’s fast: In about five to ten seconds, you have a coherent and well-written piece of content. If you don’t like the result, theoretically you can create endless alternatives.

However, it does create a few spelling mistakes, and the program is not suitable for extensive blogging. But especially the brainstorming and rewriting of existing texts are very easy. The AI Text Generator is not free, but affordable: at around 35 to 49 dollars per month. (Review)

Do you want to write online content with an artificial intelligence writer – and super easy? Then Jarvis is your buddy. In our opinion, it is the best AI content generator available on the market right now. Under the name Jarvis, the company has developed artificial intelligence that sets a new standard.

The special thing about the tool is: In “Command” mode, you can even give it targeted voice commands and interact with it, as easily as with Alexa or Siri.

The more precise your commands are, the better the results. At the same time, the AI Text Generator learns from the way you use it and is constantly evolving. In addition, offers a lot of special tools to easily create marketing copy, such as website content or social media posts.

The price ranges from 29 to 119 euros, depending on what you use, including a 7-day money-back guarantee. (Review) is also based on GPT-3. The most convincing thing about this program is the sophisticated SEO optimizations. It remembers what you change iin your final edits, even the small things. This allows it to adapt to your individual writing style over time.

Copysmith helps you with your Google and Facebook ads and meta tag creation, significantly. It writes posts very well – even if they do need some fine-tuning in the end to become the ideal blog post that brings you new customers.

This SEO text generator is free of charge for up to 100 generated pieces of content. After that, a subscription costs between $16 and a whopping $424.

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Who Are AI Content Machines Suitable For?

In short, they are for everyone who creates copy for online marketing, now and in the future.

AI Text Generators are not only a milestone for startups. From brainstorming ideas to automated text generation for social media and simple basic articles to promote your website, they can provide good support to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Every author and copywriter should immerse themselves in the matter of AI text generators. After all, collaboration with machines will become important for every writer of the future, regardless of the industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Online Marketing

The whole thing is not new: The wave of digitalization has already fundamentally changed the tasks of many professions with various automation. It was to be expected that this trend would not leave us authors unscathed.

But as cliché, as it may sound, every change ultimately also means an opportunity for further development. We’re convinced of this. That’s why at Blogtec we’ve already started using AI’s to generate ideas.

Our experts in the SEO Translations team use professional translation engines as one of many bases.

Will Authors Be Replaced by AI Writing Software in the Long Term?

The fact is that every machine, no matter how intelligent, still has to be developed and managed by humans. Ultimately, the accuracy of articles will also have a significant impact on your Google ranking. Plagiarism and duplicate content must be prevented at all costs.

So, we won’t be able to do without professional editors for a long time yet. But machines like the ones that exist today are a great help in collecting ideas and structuring articles. Writer’s block is also a thing of the past thanks to the help of intelligent language systems.

Let Blogtec Write SEO Articles for You

At Blogtec, we are passionate about testing new technologies of this kind. We are still most convinced by the collaboration of the writer and editor. But we see that machines can be of great help in content and text production.

We’re constantly working to optimize our products so that they provide an outstanding reading experience while meeting the expectations of Google’s algorithm. Feel free to check out our app and book your first piece of content today.


AI text generators are convincing if you want to write crisp, short marketing copy or product descriptions. The tools will also surprise you with creative solutions for brainstorming.

Artificial intelligence writers cannot yet write first-class SEO content on their own, and probably never will be able to.

Ultimately, AI content generators are only as good as the person who uses them. And for that, you need experienced writers and editors. And those, you can find at Blogtec!

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