How to Generate More Traffic? | 7 Tips for Your Website & Ecommerce Store

Opening your own online store is the dream of many. However, it often fails because of the fear of not being able to generate enough sales. If you know how to generate visitors to your website, you are one step closer to long-lasting success.

In this article, you will learn from us how you can generate more website traffic and increase your visitor numbers permanently with clever online marketing methods.

What Does Traffic Actually Mean, and Why Is It So Important?

Simply put, traffic means the visitors that come across your website over a specific period of time. The more visitors you have, the greater the chance that someone will buy something from you. A purchase rarely happens on the first visit. But real prospects (and therefore YOUR target audience) come back. They browse, like, share – and your chance to generate sales through them is high.

More Traffic Visitors

That’s How You Get More Traffic to Your Website: The 7 Best Tips

Let’s not dwell on them. Here they are, effective tips and tricks to increase your website traffic permanently.

1. Create High-Quality Content

Basically, the thing about marketing in the digital shopping world works similarly to that in a real shopping mall. One of the top laws is that your store should look attractive and inviting to the outside world. If your visitor feels attracted by the appearance of your store, he or she will look around longer, and the chances that they will buy something increase.

Inspire Your Target Audience From the First Visit

The window to your store is in your case the content of your website. If you inspire your visitors with meaningful product descriptions, an easy navigation through your store and if you show yourself customer-oriented, you can win the most important thing at this point: The trust of your prospective customers. It is important that you already cover the most relevant questions that users might have.

For a more detailed answer to the question of what high-quality content actually is these days and how to create it, read our Guide to Websites Content Creation.

2. Optimize Your Content for Google

Now it’s time to make sure that your store has a visible location on the web. You probably know that almost all search queries on the Internet run through Google – in fact, it’s a whopping 94%. Therefore, one of your top priorities should be to make your website findable for the search engine giant. This is one reason why SEO is so important.

SEO as the Basis for Your Visibility

Technically, you create the best conditions for your discoverability by creating a WordPress sitemap. Through SEO Keyword-Research, you will then find out which terms and questions your target group is searching for. If you then skillfully incorporate these keywords into your website content, you will be much closer to achieving a top search engine ranking. The more keywords and meaningful content you present, the more relevant Google’s algorithm will rank you – and present you more often to your potential customers.

With Meta Descriptions and Links to the Traffic Push

In addition, creating crisp meta descriptions that accurately match the search intent of your target audience will help you to generate more organic traffic. Through internal links, you help Google and users to navigate better on your site. Regular content maintenance can often work wonders for older content when it comes to generating more traffic.

Get expert advice on how we can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads.

3. Use Social Networks

Sometimes, pictures say more than a thousand words. Facebook, Instagram & Co. offer you the ideal opportunity to generate relevant traffic completely free of charge. With posts about your products and the link to your website, you have the opportunity to direct new visitors to your website. If you get likes and shares, this can bring you additional traffic.

Clever Recycling of Existing Content

You probably don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to SEO Content – you can often make great use of existing content. Let your creativity run wild and breathe new life into popular blog articles and images by transforming them into trendy formats such as videos, eBooks or a podcast. Videos in particular are very popular on both B2C and business platforms, and even niche products can be easily explained.

Want to Reach Out to Influencers? Dare!

Do you have a product that an influencer might be interested in? Then dare to contact them directly. Tools such as Buzzstream help you to get an overview of the personalities that are relevant to you. However, keep in mind that professional influencers are usually not available for free, and know their price.

Tip: In our guide “Organic reach: How to sustainably increase your visitor numbers“, we took a closer look at the exciting topic of gaining long-lasting reach. And we show you how it works on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Buy Website Traffic

Organic reach is free and sustainable. But its disadvantage is that it builds up slowly. Especially if you have just opened your store, even we as a text agency would advise you to additionally draw attention to yourself with paid traffic. For most companies, a balanced strategy between free and paid traffic is the most effective.

The Fast Way to Get More Traffic on Google

The classic (and very effective) way to get paid traffic is to run Google Ads. Your ads appear prominently above the search results as soon as an Internet user enters the corresponding search terms. You pay by a so-called CPC (Cost per Click), you determine your budget yourself.

Of course, business advertising on social networks is also possible. With Facebook-Ads, you have a number of targeting options. With a Lookalike Audience, for example, you can filter out users who are particularly similar to your existing customers in many characteristics and are therefore potential new customers.

5. Create an E-mail Newsletter

Aren’t newsletters old hat? Not at all. They are still one of the most effective ways to recall former customers or shopping cart abandoners, bring them back to your website and make them buy.

Put Yourself in Your Customers’ Shoes When Creating Newsletters

When it comes to your content, you need to know that almost no customer is going to read your newsletter from start to finish. They will skim it. What catches his eye can be something like this:

  • Information about new products in the store
  • Sweepstakes
  • Discount campaigns
  • Vouchers or Information about special services (e.g. 30 days free return policy or free trial).

Always formulate newsletters personally and address your customers directly by name. It’s as if you’re making an offer to a good friend. And don’t forget to include an enticing call-to-action that leads directly to the actual offer.

6. Create Landing Pages for Your Products

Creating a professional SEO landing page is your chance to achieve a high search engine ranking on Google within your industry or product category. You put your products in the field of vision of your target group and generate promising traffic to your website.

Design your landing pages to be clear and informative, and use targeted keywords that users enter who are already close to making a purchase decision. You can find these out through the previous SEO keyword research. Then either offer products directly on the page or link to your product pages with well-placed call-to-action buttons.

7. Make Amazon and eBay Your Best Friends

Platforms like Amazon and eBay are excellent boosters for your traffic. If your product appears among the top offers in a price comparison list, you are sure to generate quite a few clicks. We have already mentioned the downside: You always have to offer the lowest price.

If this is not a problem for you, repricing companies like Sellerlogic will help you to automatically adjust the price on the hotly contested marketplaces.

[Blogtec] Conclusion: How to Get More Visitors to Your Website or Store?

As you can see, there are several ways to generate more traffic. We at Blogtec have made it our business to support companies in this often difficult task with high-quality content.

  • Whether advertising copy, blog articles or entire landing pages – we write content for you that will convince Google and your customers alike. Take a look at our SEO packages.
  • We analyze and optimize your website and your online store on the basis of all necessary SEO criteria – both in terms of On-Page and Off-Page.

With us, you can expect an honest opinion, experts with heart and soul and know-how, as well as fair prices without any contractual obligations – thanks to our unique subscription system.

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