Find & Conquer Your Own Market With Niche Marketing

The inventive spirit in the world is unbroken and maybe as high as ever. But how exactly do you find your niche? And how do you sell your new product without VIP support?

In this article, you’ll learn more about the importance of niche marketing. We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of niche products. You will learn how to find your niche. And last but not least, we answer the question: How do I make the target group of my niche product aware of my company?

What Does Niche Marketing Mean?

If you do niche marketing, you specialize within a certain industry. And that means both a specific product group and a specific target group.

Typical specifications include these characteristics:

  • a selected, geographic area
  • a specific professional group
  • a special hobby
  • a specific travel area
  • a certain consumer behavior

There is an infinite number of variations, which can be combined with each other. If the target group is very limited, one also speaks of micro niches.

Niches Can Be Found Everywhere

Niche markets exist in every industry. After all, groups of people always consist of many characters and individualists.

For example, millions of people are interested in beauty. Among them, however, there are different age groups, genders, skin types, users of natural cosmetics, people with allergies, people who prefer uncomplicated care, and others who celebrate an extensive care routine. It’s all there already. That’s right. But vegan cosmetics and the like used to be nothing more than a niche product that became a trend.

Why Does Niche Marketing Make Sense?

Nowadays, classic markets are not only saturated, but over-saturated. So, to become successful with a new idea, you need an enormous amount of money and contacts. Or you can deliberately pick out just a small target group within a large field and make yourself the “expert on your favorite product” for them.

And that is exactly what people are looking for: An expert who can offer advice and support. Let’s take the simple example of a travel provider. One offers an endless breadth of long-distance, family and even sports travel. The other one specializes in diving trips, whose employees are passionate divers themselves, which you could already convince yourself of after the first conversation. Who would you rather book your first diving trip with?

The Top Earners Are Often Rather Unknown Companies

In fact, a classic characteristic of companies that are successful with niche marketing is that they are usually rather unknown in terms of their name. The product, however, is the talk of the town.

According to the motto: Everybody likes it. But who invented it? Well, it doesn’t really matter if everyone knows your name as long as you are really successful with it, does it? People often talk about “hidden champions” in this context.

Niche Marketing Target Audience

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Very Niche Market?

One big advantage is that you have few competitors to begin with. You serve a certain core clientele whose needs are usually easier or more direct. Recommendations and likes are generated more quickly because you can establish a much more personal contact with them via social media, for example, than large companies can.

Not to mention that with a smaller target audience, you’ll usually have smaller expenses to begin with.

There Are Two Main Disadvantages

One is that it can lead to what we call the “corner store” effect: Big companies find your niche product good, include the idea in their portfolio, and offer the products or services cheaper. Then you have to work hard to remain number one as a charming retailer.

Second, you have to be prepared for the fact that your sales with a niche product will not shoot through the roof immediately, but will build up slowly. Especially if you build your business on organic search engine optimization. First, you will have to gain Googles trust. Nonetheless, it’s worth the wait. Once you are ranking on the first pages for certain search inquiries or have built an online audience, you can become a successful player in your niche.

But let’s take a step back and first decide which niche is worth investing yourself in.

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How Do I Find My Niche in the Market?

There are two questions that will help you find your ideal market niche.

1. What Do I Do Best?

Many people are just racking their brains for new inventions that the world has always been waiting for. But at the same time, they think too far ahead. It’s all well and good to think about a revolutionary app. But have you ever programmed one yourself? Are you even at home in the field? Or do you have contacts in the industry?

Focus On Your Own Passions

Sure, you can learn everything from scratch if you want to. But it’s easier if you think about where your strengths already lie. What excites you personally? What is your heart beating for? Or what have you learned through long training?

Start looking for a niche there. The more you already know about a topic or use a product yourself, the more you know about your target group. After all, you already belong to it yourself. No matter if you are a passionate skydiver or an ornamental fish lover.

Niche marketing is all about:

  • getting people excited about something
  • offering them a concrete solution to their problem
  • winning their trust as an expert
  • convince them and make them interact with you

If you love your products yourself and know exactly what you are talking about, this is logically easier.

2. Look Out for Trend: Meeting the Zeitgeist

Niche marketing and trends are usually directly related. So take a look at what users are searching for most often. An overall look at Google Trends is worth a try. Also, if you search for keywords that are related to your business, you’ll often get fantastic ideas from suggested entries and related searches.

Furthermore, try to look for improvements in your everyday life. Listen to people and take note of obstacles that you and they encounter. The best ideas are those that help people in a very concrete way. To imagine how your products supports people in their normal surroundings is an essential step in setting up a successful marketing strategy.

How Do I Get the Target Audience of My Niche Product to Notice Me?

To accurately define your target audience, it helps to create a persona. Tools like Hubspot can help with this. Now that you know exactly who your target group is, you still need to draw their attention to your website.

How to Gain Organic Traffic With Niche Marketing?

The basis for this is professional SEO keyword research. With this research, you can find out which terms and questions related to your niche product are most frequently entered in Google.

These keywords can then not only be specifically incorporated into your content, but also have the potential to identify other topics that interest your customers.

Have you always been interested in how Google ranking actually works? We’ve dedicated an entire article to the topic, “How to get found on Google?” Check it out if you want to know more!

Keep Finding New, Exciting Topics for Your Niche Target Group

As an expert in your niche, you should always be posting new topics on your website that will keep your users with you. The key to success is to create content that pleases your audience and Google at the same time. You have to create not only SEO content that is filled with certain keywords, but also meet the search intent of your audience.

If you stay exciting and relevant for your audience, Google will notice that too. And ranks you successively higher in the organic search results.

A top search engine ranking is exactly what you need so that your niche target group finds you. If you like, give your traffic a parallel push with Google Ads.

Score With a Social Media Presence

Building up, you should use social media. Not showing up on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest as a niche product is rather fatal. Because this is where trends are set. The fact that your target group can get in direct contact with you is an important thing, especially in niche marketing. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a suitable influencer who can be inspired?

Our Conclusion

To be successful on the market as a start-up, niche marketing offers the best entry conditions. Often, great things can be achieved step by step with a manageable budget and few employees. In order to find a niche, online tools as well as Google itself help, in addition to a lot of creativity and direct conversations with the target group. With know-how, conviction for your niche product and the right SEO & website optimization, you too can soon take off online.

Can We Support You?

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