Search Engine Ranking: How to Get to the Top With Good Content!

There are now many options for website owners to influence their search engine rankings. None of these options is as important as this one:

Good SEO Content!

With good content in the form of texts, videos or podcasts stands and falls the trust that Google or other search engines place in a website.

In this article, we explain exactly WHAT search engine rankings are, WHY it’s important for every business and HOW to secure top rankings in the long run, through good content.

What Is Search Engine Ranking?

When a user makes a search query in Google, they are presented with a series of results. Search engine ranking refers to the position of a website within these search results.

94% of all searches on the Internet go through Google. There are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Youtube, but we will focus mainly on Google in this article.

The order of search results is never fixed. Entries rise and fall depending on how well the content is adapted to the needs of Google, and it’s users. The craft that tries to control this order is called SEO. By optimizing content, better search engine rankings can be achieved in almost every case.

What Does Google Itself Say About This?

“You should build a website to benefit your users, and any optimization should be geared toward making the user experience better. One of those users is a search engine, which helps other users discover your content. Search Engine Optimization is about helping search engines understand and present content.”

Google says right at the beginning of its SEO Guide for Beginners, that a website must first and foremost please the user. It sees itself as a user at this point. Search engines are usually the first “user” to come into contact with a website. Depending on how well the search engine can capture its content, it can make it available to other users.

What Exactly Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of content for the benefit of better search engine rankings.

The goal of modern SEO measures is to create content that matches the intention of the searcher. There are several ways to do this, which we will touch on below.

In general, however, this can be said about successful SEO work: in Google’s eyes, the page that answers the user’s search query always wins. When a website provides a correct solution to the search, it is a sign for Google to improve that website’s search engine ranking.

How Does Search Engine Ranking Work?

Where on Google a website is ranked, is not up to chance. Over the years, the search engine giant has developed a network of factors to evaluate the quality of content.

Google Algorithm

This is an ordinary search query:

black t-shirt regular results

All the pages listed here have been captured by Google and associated with the search term “black t-shirt”.

black t-shirt results

The Google algorithm examines an estimated 80 million web pages every day and assigns their content to specific search queries.

At its core, the algorithm is made up of the following factors.


To understand what makes up the content ON a page, the algorithm scans text for certain keywords.

Example: If a page publishes an article on the topic: “The best black t-shirt”, Google scans the text of this page. Keywords like black, t-shirt, best, clothing, man, woman, cotton help to rank the article.

Keywords are an important part of on-page optimization, but linking also plays a big role. If our text about “best black t-shirts” links to Amazon, or other established manufacturers, Google recognizes that this article is particularly well suited for searchers who make a search query, with the intention to buy.


The content ON a page, Google uses to determine what this page is about. By analyzing the factors BEHIND the page, the search engine determines whether the page can be trusted or not.

Here, the algorithm examines technical details about the structure of the page, as well as loading times and the validity of its links.

Backlinks are an important factor when it comes to off-page optimization. If other pages link to an article, this increases the trust (domain authority) that Google has in this article. You increase the number of backlinks to good content that could help users further. Link building campaigns also help to provide one’s site with strong backlinks.

User Behavior

Backlinks can give a website an extra boost of confidence. But, it is much more important to answer the search query in the interest of the searcher.

Google measures the behavior of its users. When someone leaves the search results and clicks on an article, Google measures how long that user stays on the page and whether they eventually jump back to the search results.

The longer a user stays on a page, the better this is for that page’s search engine rankings. At Blogtec, we place great importance on meeting the search intent of our readers with each article.

Why Is Search Engine Ranking Important?

Every business that wants to sell online, has to deal with its search engine rankings sooner or later. To sell a product on the Internet, you have to be found.

This may sound obvious. In fact, according to Ahrefs, 90% of sites on the Internet do not get traffic through search results.

In most cases, this is not because of high competition, but because their content is not adapted to the needs of searchers.

Every Visitor Is a Potential Customer

An ad on Facebook promoting black t-shirts is seen by many people. But how many of those people want to buy a black t-shirt right now?

When a Google user makes a search query, it means they are already interested in a topic or product. By being listed in the search results for that query, you get a visitor who is already much closer to buying, compared with other marketing strategies.

So, the customer no longer needs to be convinced that he needs a black t-shirt. He just needs to find the right store where he can buy it!

The Role of Data

Clever SEO work establishes exactly who the customers of a company are, and which keywords this group of customers use.

In this way, you get not just any visitors, but those who already identify with the brand and the subject. All this knowledge can be gathered and interpreted based on data and through tools like ‘Google Tag Manager’ and ‘Google Analytics’.

Key to this is also a constructive interview between the SEO Content Agency and the company. At Blogtec, we have created a series of questions that we ask new clients. These help the company to define itself and its vision, whilst also giving us valuable insights to be able to create the right content.

Blogtec Customer Experience

Our clients receive content in the form of blog articles on a weekly basis. The topics and keywords within these texts are specialized for the particular niche of the company. As the articles increase, Google’s trust in our clients’ blog posts also increases. Resulting in much of the content gaining places in search engine rankings.

Here are a few screenshots that show how some of our clients’ organic traffic has increased after they started creating and optimizing content with us:

Blechmal All Time was able to triple its organic traffic with us within 8 months. In addition, they have now 40 placements in the top three of the search results for high converting keywords in the DIY sector!

Zizzz All Time was able to increase its traffic eightfold in one year just through blog articles! The site gets visitors via 2500 different keywords around the topic of sleep.

Why Is It so Hard to Get Organic Traffic?

Here are the main reasons why sites don’t show up in search results with their content:

  • The search intent is not being met
  • The page has no backlinks
  • The page is not indexed
  • The article is rudimentarily optimized, but not enough to make it to the first page of search results (SERPs)

How Do I Get on the First Page of Google?

Search engine rankings are crucial for determining the number of visitors a website will get, and therefore the number of sales or leads.

But which places in the rankings get the majority of visitors? And how do you make it to the first page of Google?

The Visible Area in the Search Results

75% of Google users find the solution to their problem on the first page. This means that if you want to attract a sustained flow of visitors to your website, you need to be listed among the first 10 results.

Even better is to be in the top 3. has determined that about 50% of traffic lands in the first three search results.

Is this a reason to bury your head in the sand and turn your back on search engine optimization? On the contrary!

Why It’s Easy to Rank High in Google

Here are three reasons why ranking at the top of Google is easier than you think.

  1. There are thousands of different keywords in each niche. Each keyword brings up a different set of search results, providing thousands of chances to make it to the top in Google.
  2. Especially in Europe, many sites are still hardly set up for search engine optimization. So there is less competition than you may think.
  3. By regularly uploading new content on topics from the same niche, Google’s trust in this specific domain grows. Meaning that over time, all articles on a page move up in Google rankings.

Google Marketing Strategies

Before we explain in detail how we at Blogtec optimize our client’s search engine rankings, let’s introduce what the big three search engine marketing strategies are.

1. What Is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

SEM fundamentally refers to an online marketing strategy that targets search engine users. We have already mentioned the advantages:

  • If you don’t optimize your site for search engines, you won’t get any visitors on the internet.
  • Every visitor who comes to a website via search engines is already a potential customer.
  • It helps to attract specific customers. If you know the people behind the search queries, you can tailor your products much more specific to your target audience.

2. What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO refers to the process of adapting content to the requirements of Google and it’s users. It is composed of on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Good search engine optimization starts before content creation and responds to changes by regularly reflecting on existing processes.

3. What Is SEA (Search Engine Advertising)?

SEA describes a form of search engine ranking that is achieved with Google Ads. Customers can buy ads directly from Google, which are listed in the search results for certain keywords.

The advantage of SEA is that the content does not necessarily have to be optimized for good search engine rankings.

The disadvantage is that it is not possible to secure long-term, organic traffic in this way. Visitors who come to a page via advertisements have no influence on the ‘domain authority’.

Get expert advice on how we can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase traffic, and generate more leads.

How to Achieve a Good Search Engine Ranking?

For many years, backlinks were considered the only way to get to the top of search engine rankings.

These times have changed!

Google’s algorithm has evolved and can now read website content much better. Backlinks are no longer the only necessity to ensure the trustworthiness of a page.

Content that satisfactorily answers the user’s search query is much more important. With this in mind, we at Blogtec have put our main focus on good content!

How to Create Good Content?

Unlike traditional marketing, search engine rankings can be scrutinized by data at any time. Accordingly, we are continuously optimizing our processes.

We know that good content is made up of equal parts of data analysis and engaging writing.

In our processes, we evaluate the numbers and then craft sentences and copy that work.

search engine ranking content is king

How We Create Good Content!

To help you understand, we’ve taken the trouble to outline our internal process for you, here:

1. SEO Audit Service – Background Check of Your Site

Everything starts with a routine background check of your site. Partial aspects of this analysis are for example:

  • Optimization of the SEO title & meta descriptions
  • Checking previous visitor numbers
  • Adding alt texts
  • Optimization of the URL structure
  • Repairing broken links

At the end of this check, we can ensure that our SEO work is based on a good foundation. For more details about our technical SEO procedures, we will be happy to explain them to you personally.

2. Who Are You? – Getting to Know You Is Important!

To get to know you and your company even better, we will ask you a few selected questions before we start working together. Here are a few examples:

  • What values and beliefs define your brand?
  • What makes your company unique in the marketplace?
  • What do you want your company to be known for in the marketplace?
  • Who are your main competitors?

A thorough understanding of your products, customers and company philosophy, is important in order to find the optimal search terms for which we will later write the articles.

3. Keyword Analysis – Finding the Right Search Terms

Once our background check is complete and we get to know you better, the content planning begins.

What keywords do your potential customers type into Google? For which keywords do your competitors rank?

Using innovative SEO tools and analysis of your competitors, we determine a set of possible keywords for you. In the final selection, we make sure to choose keywords that have a high search volume and at the same time a relatively low competition. This way we make sure that even smaller sites can compete directly for the first places on Google!

Before we go any further, we will send you our complete keyword list. You will then have the opportunity to suggest changes and also add your own article topics.

4. Meeting the Search Intent

Now, it gets exciting. It’s time to plan and implement a new article in practice.

We start with competitor analysis of the selected keyword. For this, we look directly into the search results and compare the top results.

What kind of content do the best pages create? What kind of on-page strategy do our competitors follow?

In this way, we learn what the form and content of our article should look like. In order to meet the intent of the searcher, it is important to gather all relevant questions about a topic and unify them in the briefing.

5. The Briefing – Charting the Course

Our content managers now have an idea of how the article should be structured, which relevant keywords should be used and what the wording should look like. All this information is collected in a briefing and passed on to the writer.

Our writers are always assigned to a specific project and write all of the articles for that client. At Blogtec, we maintain an open company culture. Many of our writers have been with us for a long time.

SEO training is part of our daily business. We share new happenings in the SEO world in virtual conference rooms and discuss their impact on our processes.

6. The Writing Process – Setting Sails

The writer receives the brief. Structure and content have already been determined. The task now is to meet the requirements of the SEO analysis.

For further support, we have started to incorporate SurferSEO into our briefings. The tool compares the content to well-optimized content and makes suggestions for keywords, headlines and topics during the writing process. This way, in addition to the briefing, the writer always has the opportunity to check their text for sense and SEO relevance.

If you want to know more about the details with which to optimize articles for search engines, we have summarized 12 ways to increase website content here.

7. The Review – Polishing and Grinding

Once the article is written, the text goes back to the content manager. The content manager compares the written text with the requirements of the briefing and makes any necessary changes.

And voilà – the text is now ready.

Now we send the whole thing to you or, if required, upload the article to your website ourselves.

An important part of the review is the feedback to the writer. Since our writers are assigned to specific projects, we like to see them become experts in their field over time. Detailed feedback is part of the process after each article.

Conclusion: Better Search Engine Ranking With Blogtec

Each article we create is optimized for a specific focus keyword and aims to bring visitors to your website.

Over several months we create a network of articles. In the eyes of Google, over time, your site becomes an authority on a particular topic. Google strengthens your visibility and the results of your search engine rankings improve.

If you are interested, you are welcome to start a free consultation with us.

Google’s Opinion on SEO – Finally a Video

All over the world, there are countless agencies that claim to be able to provide SEO help. Many of these companies work unprofessionally or use outdated methods. In order to provide attractive SEO services, it is important to stay up to date with the latest search engine enhancements and software development.

On the question of how to hire an SEO, Google has created a very useful video.

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