How to Build a Landing Page for SEO: 11 Tips

Browsing the internet, we frequently find ourselves on landing pages, by clicking on an ad or searching for something specific on Google. The ultimate purpose of a landing page is to help convert a user into a potential lead or even a customer. It is for this reason that landing pages should play a uniquely powerful role in your digital marketing strategy.

If you can create a landing page that’s “SEO-friendly,” then you’ll increase the chances of it being found in searches online. More importantly, being found by people who are already actively looking for information on what you’re offering! So, in this article, we’re going to be looking at what’s important when creating a landing page for SEO and exactly how to do it!

What Is a Landing Page?

First things first, a landing page is simply a website page with a specific purpose: for internet users to first land on when they’re interested in a certain offer. It differs from other pages, such as blog posts, in that it’s primarily intended to encourage an action, most likely, a purchase.

Initially, the interested party clicks on either a paid online ad, or a link from the results of a Google search (for a certain keyword) and thus gets to the content of your website.

A landing page is not one of your website’s main pages. It is a separate, single page with its own URL and specific topic. A microsite, or squeeze page is the same as a landing page, they’re just different terms for it.

The Two Types of Landing Pages:

“Opt-in page”: this type is for when you offer, for example, an e-book, webinar, or other informative content. The user gets the offering for free in exchange for registering their details with you.

“Sales page”: here, you provide the interested party with compelling information about a product or service that can be purchased from your website. The goal of a sales landing page is to convince them to buy from you or to use your services.

Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

A landing page is the way to ensure Internet users find out about your business and your offer in the first place. A professionally created SEO friendly landing page is a great way to achieve a high search engine ranking for the keywords in your niche. Usually, landing pages will be created with keywords derived from search intent from close to a purchase.

The ultimate goal of a landing page is to generate or convert leads (a lead is a person who is interested in your product and could potentially become a customer).

By having your landing page separate, you eliminate any distractions, such as navigation and links to other websites, etc. This enables you to capture your visitor’s attention; which is necessary for you to be able to guide them to where you need/want them. For example, to the ‘form fill’ where they can input their information. After all, the goal of the landing page is to create increase your conversion rate.

How To Build a Landingpage

11 Tips on How to Build A Successful Landing Page

If you want to learn how to create a landing page yourself, here are 11 tips for you that we also use in our own SEO and copywriting:

1. Create a Long-Term Content Plan

At the beginning, you need a clear content plan that you follow. This includes not only your clear goal for the upcoming landing page, but also ideas for further articles and blog posts. By regularly uploading content that is relevant to your business and to the readers of your niche, you strengthen your authority. Google recognizes over time that you are an expert in your field and rewards you with better search engine rankings.

2. Use Short Sentences and Many Paragraphs

The optimal landing page has short, smart texts. These are informative and add value, but are never too cluttered on the page. Typically, you give the reader specific product information or inform them about a particular offer. Have a look at some landing page examples to spark your ideas.

3. Use Testimonials

Provide a compelling reason (or several) for why the prospect should use your offer or learn more about it. Here, in addition to powerful arguments, customer reviews or other seals of approval add credibility and go down well. Show the prospect your unique selling proposition compared to the competition.

4. Integrate Call-To-Actions

A good landing page must contain a “call-to-action”. A direct call to purchase, can be too heavy-handed in many cases. Instead, include a contact form, for example, or color-coded “buttons” that promise a free consultation, for example. The possibilities are many and ultimately depend on your intention and your offer.

5. Set Links Wisely

Never include external links to direct competitors on your landing page. After all, you don’t want to give the prospect the idea to look elsewhere instead of buying from you. Internal links that lead to your website are, of course, recommended for boosting your authority.

6. Provide SEO Landing Page With the Right Keywords

Regular keyword research turns your simple landing page into an SEO landing page. It helps you to continuously improve on your Google ranking position, to drive more traffic, get more clicks, and ultimately generate leads. Include your keywords in the text, even better, in the headlines. Stick to focusing on one main keyword and about 1-3 secondary keywords. Don’t overdo it at the same time, because Google & co. are smart enough to recognize “keyword stuffing”.

7. Optimize Content for Readers & Google!

The prospect must immediately identify what the page is about. Reading it must be fun and easy. So use simple language and directly explain your offer. Images are great, but be sure to add an ALT tag over HTML, so search engines can properly recognize them based on the description.

8. Design the URL Correctly

The name of your URL should be concise and include your main search term. It shouldn’t be too long and shouldn’t be blocked by XML or Robots Sitemaps. Also, important: The URL should look legitimate and not in any way suspicious, otherwise the user will most likely abort before they even get there.

9. Don´t Forget Mobile View & Loading Times

Make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. For example, if the redirect to the landing page takes too long or your video takes forever to load, that’s a suboptimal user experience to say the least. Since most online users search via their mobile phone, your landing page should also be optimized for mobile usage.

10. Link With Social Media

When it comes to social media, think about the age range or hobbies of your target group. Pretty much everyone likes to hang out on social media. But different groups prefer Facebook to Instagram and vice versa. Where does your target audience like to hang out? This will be the best platform to advertise or link your offering!

11. Insert Landing Page in Sitemap

Is your landing page part of your sitemap? If not, you should definitely add it because otherwise Google won’t find your content and won’t be able to list it. For more info on how to create a sitemap, check us out. Within our Technical SEO Service we can also do this step for you.

How Can I Measure the Success of My Landing Page?

How well users and Google receive your page can be tracked in different ways. On the one hand, you can measure the on-page quality of your page with tools like The tool examines the structure of your text and compares it with the best in Google search results. This allows you to determine how long your text should be, which questions need to be answered, and where and how often you should place certain keywords in the landing page structure.

To assess the general performance of your landing pages, linking your site to Google Analytics is a must. Here you can find out conversion rates, how many visitors your page has and where they come from. If used smartly, you can even determine how they behave on your site, which links they click, etc.

Are you having trouble getting traffic to your site or evaluating the quality of your content? Our professionally created SEO content has already helped many of our clients to get their products and services listed on the first page of Google. You can book your first landing page today, in our app.

BlogTec: Our Landing Page Service

Need to improve your conversion rate? But have other areas of your business to focus on? You can save yourself all the work and simply have a professional landing page created for you — by us!

The Landing Page Creation Process:

  1. The first step of our landing page service is keyword research and analyzing user’s search intent. From here, we determine the best way to address your individual target group so that we maximize the chances they will follow the call-to-action (CTA) — or in the best case, possibly convert to a purchase right away.
  2. With the information collected, we’ll then know where best to place the CTA. Then it’s time to start building the landingpage by placing the keywords, setting headlines and making sure it meets the search intent.
  3. Our writers (proven landing page copywriters) then write the convincing copy. In the review process, our editors complete their final checks and make sure it meets our quality standards.

How to Book Our Landing Page Service:

Does our landing page and SEO optimization service sound good to you? You can easily book all our digital marketing services online via the app. It’s possible to choose between individual services, for example if you only need the SEO content optimization, or you can select the full SEO service on a website.

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